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The Recharger is a fanon tank based in that shoots 7 strong bullets, but has to reload to shoot them again. This tank will be available to play on this server.


The Recharger upgrades from the Reloader, which is the same except weaker and less bullets. This, although it seems like 1 cannon in the front, it actually has 7, each one with a little delay to make it seem like one cannon.

How To Use

The Recharger takes some getting used to, because you can't really spamshot with it that well. The reason for this is because it pauses after shots, so if you got a bullet yeeted at you and you were reloading... you would be dead. The best strategy for this tank is to not shoot until you are faced with an enemy or shape, and then unload really fast, and hide behind a shape to reload (usually an Alpha or Beta pentagon)

Why Not Sprayer?

The question remains - why not use the Sprayer tank? It doesn't have to reload, and shoots more bullets! Why should you use the Recharger?

  • The Recharger does not have spread, so it is more precise
  • Even though the sprayer shoots faster, the Recharger has a faster bullet speed.
  • The Recharger does way more damage per bullet than the Sprayer.


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Upgrade to Recharger

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