"The reciprocal of you is dead..."


The Reciprocal is a polygon boss tank that was added on 10/14/2017. Reciprocal is partly based off of an older conception, Reznor. Reciprocal is usually seen as the opposite of most polygon bosses, but will still kill you. Reciprocal features Twelve Cannons and 4 Battleship Spawners.


The Reciprocal features a giant grey 8 pointed star-like polygon boss tank body with Three Cannons in four of its chevrons, and in the other four is a Battleship Spawner.


The Reciprocal boasts the (not so) impressive amount of 3,000 health, which, if you didn't know by this point, is the exact polygon boss health average. Upon Death/Destruction, the Reciprocal rewards the player that killed Reciprocal 30,000 EXP, which, again, if you didn't know by now, is the exact polygon boss experience average. The Reciprocal has hilariously pitiful movement speed, at half of a Defender, but it makes up in body damage, which is 10x that of a spike. The Reciprocal has the same health regen as Cotton, 60HP per second if left alone for 5 seconds, which is ridiculous!


Each of the Cannons does the same damage as the middle Bullet of Flashpoint. Everything else is the same as that of Ranger.

Battleship Spawners

As predicted, the Battleship Spawners have the same stats as Ski- wait... That isn't predictable. Anyways, they have the same stats as Skimmer, but the mechanics of a regular Battleship Spawner.


  • The name came out of nowhere.
  • Reciprocal is the slowest moving polygon boss tank. That speed is WAY too slow, which can confuse players into thinking its not even moving at all. Think of it as that slowly moving fortress.
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