Reformer is a polygon boss added on June 23rd 2017. It is the boss version of the Spindle, a 10 sided spiky polygon. Reformer learned a lot from its teacher, The Fallen Booster, and has perfected those methods. Reformer has a spiky shell, and Seven Barrels mounted in different places.

Reformer can spawn in every gamemode, except for the Maze gamemode.


Reformer is a pale blue Spindle with a black shell layered below it, a Gun mounted at the front, and Six mounted at the back in a similar fashion to the Booster, and its boss equivalent.


Reformer has 4,000 HP, which is 1,000 HP more than the regular boss tank HP, which is 3,000. Reformer, upon being defeated, will give 40,000 EXP, which will immedialty raise a level One tank to level Forty-five. Reformer has insane Health Regeneration. 20 per second if left alone for 10 seconds. Reformers body damage is the same as that of a 10/10/10/0 smasher, but has the insanely fast speed of a level 8 tank with max movement speed.


Reformers barrels stats vary between sides. The front one has the stats of a basic tank with a 0/0/0/7/7/7/7/0 build. The back barrels are meant for propulsion. It will take 180 bullets to kill a pentagon, that is, if it had the ability too.


Reformer is never idle, as it always does the same behavior. It always finds a tank, and chases after it, and then goes away after 30 seconds, half a minute.


  • Reformer is a really simple boss. Its basically a more powerful Fallen Booster
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