(JOKE CONCEPT: Please don't take this seriously to prevent troubles.)

"Hit a rektangle, don't you?" ~ A Friend of a Hybrid Who Tried To Destroy A Rektangle
The Rektangle is a special kind of Polygon. It appears as a grey rectangle with the size of a Red Triangle/Large Crasher. When damaged, they return twice the amount of it to the player who attacked it, thus it is more of a suicide than gaining XP points, which is just an equivalent of destroying a Yellow Square. The worse thing is that, it will replace ALL Polygons in Sandbox upon typing something, and in other game modes, can also spawn in Pentagon Nest.


The safest way to deal against these is to not make any sort of interaction. Their deadly counter plus their worthlessness in rewarding XP points are no good reasons to destroy them.

Players however may make use of rektangles. When fighting against others, one may simply attempt to get near or behind (but not ram into) the rektangle. This way, their enemies will have a harder time fighting them, as a shot towards the rektangle is considered a penalty to their health.


  • Its name is a portmanteau of 'rekt' and 'rectangle'.
    • The term 'rekt' (sometimes as #rekt) is an Internet slang used as short for 'wrecked'.
  • They look like barrels without a host Tank, thus the nickname 'Decapitated Barrel'.
  • In Sandbox, players can still be killed by a Rektangle even with God Mode on.
  • It used to spawn much more commonly than Yellow Squares in other game modes, but this was removed.
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