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The Reloader is a strong tank that upgrades off of Machine Gun, and into the Recharger.

Use this tank now!


The Reloader has a cannon on the back that makes it reload after 3 shots, but really it is 3 cannons! Each one has a delay, so it looks like one whole cannon! Scary, right?



  • The best strategy is to farm Polygons, and not attack other players until you become the Recharger.
  • This tank is good to farm Pentagons, because of its quick bursts, that can destroy pentagons well.


  • Try to dodge the first round and then yeet a fast-moving bullet at the Reloader in question, while it is reloading. This should do moderate damage, and you should be able to finish it off using this tactic
  • If you are a Rammer, it is impossibly easy to kill these because of their reload. Move towards them, and there is little to no knockback.

Why not Minigun?

That is a good question. "Why should we use this reloading tank and not the Minigun?"

  1. It does more damage
  2. While the Minigun has a good bullet speed, it's upgrades don't always have that fast of speeds.
  3. The Reloader upgrades into the Recharger, which is much better!


Upgrade to Reloader
The Downsides
Get an Alpha Pentagon stolen as the Reloader

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