The Renderer is a class that is a part of the massive Lancer branch. It upgrades from the Navigator at Level 45. It cannot upgrade further. Idea by Tacocat247 and inspired by Zathsu's Lancer Branch.


The Renderer's body is a square with round edges, unlike most tanks. It has a shorter spike, and a Black circle in the middle of its body. At the back of the tank, it looks like the part at the back of a vaccine needle. Basically, it's a combination of Navigator And Injector.


  • This tank is meant to be one of the only tanks with a specialized mini-map. For more info, see Navigator.
  • This tank's lance does more damage than normal lances since it's shorter than most other tanks' lances in the Lancer branch.
  • It regains its charge ability when upgrading from the Injector.
  • The black circle in the middle of the tank acts like the liquid in the Injector.
  • Like Injector, when touching an enemy or teammate, if the liquid is inside of the black circle in the center of the tank, an effect will trigger. Once this effect triggers (i.e. injecting the unit with the liquid), the liquid will vanish and will reappear twenty seconds later. Until it reappears, the effect will not trigger again.
  • When gone, the circle that holds the liquid will be transparent


  • Idea based on Navigator, and Injector.
  • Yes, I got permission from Zathus.
  • More info coming soon!
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