The Replier is a polygon boss tank that has been added on 10/10/2017. It is a special boss which can only spawn under special conditions. Thankfully, it's not that hard to spawn or to kill at all. Unlike Snazts, it's not a waffle boss... Oh off topic. Replier has a Flank Guard as an Auto Turret, and Four Spawners.


Replier features a dark pale blue oval shaped body with 3 lines going across some of the points of the body, and on the top of that is a Flank Guard auto turret. On the sides are White Whirlwind like shapes.



The Replier has 3,500 HP, which is slightly above the regular boss average. Replier also gives 35,000 EXP upon death, which is also above the average.

Auto Flank Guard Turret

The Auto Flank Guard Turret is technically an Auto Flank Destroyer Turret, but it has the same stats as a Flank Guard with Sniper Reload.


Read This. It's the exact same thing.

How to Spawn

As mentioned before, a Replier has special conditions to spawn. It's easy to spawn one. Just have a White Whirlwind ram into an Alpha Pentagon, and the Alpha Pentagon turns into a Replier after White Whirlwind is defeated.


  • This is the first polygon boss with a specialized spawning condition.
    • It's also the first boss that is technically a hybrid between a boss tank and a polygon.
  • It isn't a waffle boss
    • Am I seriously doing this right now?
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