*Asptard noises*

Rindeeyr, not glitched.

Rindeeyr Kswyvmexqcxx is an AI controlled boss that has a very rare chance to spawn in &*_ _ _TWRE. It has 500,000 Health and upon defeat rewards -1^9*7+sin(2)*exp(0.01) XP. BGM:

<soundcloud url="https://soundcloud.com/kole-o-black/rindeeyr" height="" auto_play="false"></soundcloud>


Body - White heptagon

Turrets on the back and the front - Auto spawners attached to the body

Central turret - An automatic trapper turret


Trapper turret

Launches special heptagonal traps that explode on impact

Auto Spawners

spawns heptagon crashers that have sprayer cannons, they can rotate the sprayer cannons to angle it so it targets the player, while angling, they rotate slowly.


  • Collab by FallenBooster and Tacocat247!
  • Inspired by Xyv
  • This post was written by it. No one knows what did it use to make the post anyway, or how did it describe itself without crashing the spooler used to print out the text


2000 years after this post's creation.

. . .

It's a physicist now, despite being an entity and not a person, it has devoted its life to doing physics experiments, starting off with Photon, a quantum creation machine that takes shape as a 4-fold enneomino.

It also Runs on a Windows 1.0 Premiere edition Kernel-Based Voice synth.

Sounds strange, right?

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