The Sailor is one of the current Tier 4 Tank upgrades that may be able to upgrade from from the Pelletgun or the Cruiser at level 45. The Sailor may not upgrade any further as it is at the end of its tank branch. Idea by Enigmium, Khitrish, and Tacocat247, DO NOT STEAL.


The Sailor features a circular tank body as a base a short Cannon mounted onto the front with two Gunner Cannons mounted on top of the shorter one. Mounted next to the main Cannon structure are Two Partisan Spawners.


The Sailor features Gunner cannons. From the Pelletgun, Two Partisan Spawners are added to the sides, as mentioned before. The Spawners are similar to the ones found on the Cruiser. You can control the Partisans from the drones as well. The reload of the Spawners are slightly decreased form that of the Cruiser.

  • Reload is decreased.
  • Bullet Penetration is increased.
  • Bullet Speed is increased.


  • Strong Against: Slow tanks, low Penetration tanks, low range tanks, low Bullet Speed tanks, low Reload tanks.
  • Weak Against: Body Damage tanks, ramming builds, high penetration tanks, high DPS tanks, Sniper branch

As the Sailor

The same strategy used for Cruiser and Pelletgun will work. Avoid all ramming builds at all times. Going for low level tanks would work. Be careful of Snipers, for their range and bullet speed have a chance of hitting you. Overall, avoid tanks with high Damage.

Against the Sailor

Strategies against any Partisan Spawner wielding tanks will be effective against this tank. Any tank with high Bullet Damage, Reload, or Penetration will work. Be careful of its Partisans and Bullets, despite their small sizes. The Artillery branch works well against this tank, for its main bullet can go through the tank's small Partisans and Bullets.


  • Sailor's name origin is pretty obvious when compared to Cruiser.
  • Despite being similar to the Missile, this tank has a completely different use.
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