The Sassa Club.

The Sassa Club are a group of Sassafrases who are the chief IE Energy gatherers of Lord Sassafras and the Hesperian League. They are a group of 9 in total, being Sentiquet, Heptone, Zelena, Emiolis, Sassafras JR, Klonen, Novementha, Oganesson, and Happyfras. Sassafrexen oversees the Sassa Club. However, Novementha and Heptone have abandoned the Sassa Club, the stories of which are detailed on their pages.


IE Energy

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Lord Sassafras, being the first Sassafras draws his overwhelming power from "irritation essence", which is the inherent quality of a being's threshold of sanity, ie. how much they are able to be irritated before completely losing their sanity or going crazy. By having his many clones of himself and his many powerful minions blabber their heads off against whoever they are fighting, Lord Sassafras can, over time, accumulate vast amounts of this irritation essence, which will be referred as IE Energy. IE energy serves as the main game mechanic in the Rise of Hesperia and goes into more detail on its page.

Story time!

IE energy was the essence of Lord Sassafras when he was Hesperia, the god, who battled Panzer at the beginning of time and was sealed away by Panzer before the creation of the Realm. Panzer sealed the consciousness of Hesperia within an obelisk and scattered the IE energy into the beings whom he created, giving them greater life and emotion. It was Hexen who excavated the obelisk to make room for his fortress and found the yellow orb of Hesperia beneath it. With whatever was left of its power, it took the hexagonal form of Hexen. Hexen, thinking that this tan hexagon's name was Sassafras (derived from what Hexen thought were runic carvings spelling out Sa Ssa Fras in the obelisk, but which were just coincidental erosion marks in the rock) decided to weaponize it, and presented it to the other Polygon Disciples of his creation.

As for Hesperia, little remained of the great god. He took the name given by Hexen, but the god's mind was fractured, causing Sassafras to blabber his head off. After being awakened at the beginning of the Middle Era along with Hexen, Sassafras/Hesperia had regathered just enough of his old self to know what he had to do. While he could not (at first) return to being a god, he could gain power to the level of one beneath a god, and progress from there. As such, he first gathered IE energy from Hexen's subjects, then created clones of himself. These clones gathered exponentially higher amounts of energy, and with the creation of the Sassafras Supreme by Dr. Lacus at Sassafras's request, the energy gathering rate skyrocketed. Hexen took notice, as well as everyone else, but it was only Hexen who suspected there was more to Sassafras than what met the latter's "friendly eye." Unfortunately, Hexen's suspicions were correct, as Sassafras had much greater plans than to annoy any and all the rational beings he could find.

It soon came time to put this energy together. Sassafras used some of it to open a sub-realm, the Realm of Sassafras, and dumped the excess energy there. After opening it and making "Sassafrized" versions of many other prominent entities in the Realm, he opened a portal outside Imperium to goad tanks into investigating this mysterious world. Lord Sassafras's (as he now called himself) gamble in wasting great amounts of energy to create the Sassafrized bosses was well worth it, as the thousands of Imperials (and Hexen) who battled while facing waves of gibberish gave him so much energy that he was able to assume the form of Lord Sassafras. However, it was not enough, and the Imperials eventually prevailed and defeated Lord Sassafras in his then powered-up form. But since half of the accumulated energy was stored in the sub-realm (the other half was used by Sassafras to gather more and make clones of himself and Sassafras minions), and since the sub-realm can't be accessed without enough energy to open it, Lord Sassafras ensured that he would last to the end of time, as even if his original body is destroyed, there is almost certainly a clone of his previous body he can transfer his consciousness to.

Now, after the first opening of the Realm of Sassafras, Lord Sassafras decided that he needed a way to gather yet even more of his beloved IE energy, yet retain the ability to keep it split. So he heaped it in small amounts, did some transfusions, and sprinkled it over nine of his Sassafras clones, giving them individual personalities and sentience, new powers, and new bodies. They became the Sassa Club, and serve as "messengers" for Lord Sassafras, who lead groups of Sassafras (or Sassafras minions, in the case of Happyfras, or hats, in the case of Oganesson) in organized strikes on groups of tanks to maximize the gathering of IE energy.

The thing about IE energy is that if an entity is depleted of too much of it, they will go insane and destroy themselves. Lord Sassafras made sure that his Sassafrassy subjects would irritate their targets just enough so that it could regenerate fast enough to keep up the gathering of IE energy at a stable rate that would not endanger the sanity of their targets.


Seven members of the Sassa Club, excluding Heptone and Novementha, spawn in a cycle starting 72 hours after the first Gauntlet of Hesperus event. One will spawn somewhere in The Realm each day (spawn areas are dependent on each member), in a cycle of seven which is randomized every time the cycle resets. Every 4 cycles, all seven active members of the Sassa Club will spawn together on the 29th day apart from the cycle as a group and fight together, so the group spawn is practically a monthly event. If the member of the day has not been destroyed yet after 24 hours and is not actively engaged in battle with players, it will despawn and the cycle will continue to the next, skipping over the despawned member and not returning to them as part of the cycle. Heptone and Novementha's spawn conditions are detailed on their pages.

Sassa Club members (with the exception of Sentiquet) spawn with one Sassafras, or Sassafras Minions, in the case of Happyfras and Zelena. They also spawn with 30-40 Legionnaires of Tiers 1, 2, and 3.




  • This page explains that in truth, Lord Sassafras is not a creation of Hexen, but rather an all-powerful former god/actual god who wishes to hoard as much IE energy as he can to have the feeling of power, and takes glee in irritating all the rational beings he can find. He also wants to rule The Realm. No longer true, as he has his own kingdom now. He says he wants to, but he has other motives...
  • As shown in Sentiquet’s battle, The Sassa Club can transform into regular Sassafras through manipulation of IE Energy to conserve their gathered reserves, explaining why they teleport back (or their consciousnesses return) to the Realm of Sassafras after you battle them, like all Hesperians.
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