Note: This page is for the Extended Tale of Diep version of Sassafras. Such a page is necessary due to the drastic changes that take place in the Rise of Hesperia DLC, which is all about all things relating to Sassafras. Also, while Sassafras is often referred to on this page as a male, they can also be female.

Sassafras are more than meets their eyes.

Their eyes.

Their friendly eyes...


Sassafras Shenanigans

A group of Sassafras interacting with Hexen (yes, the Polygon Disciples now have eyes and mouths in the EToD.)

Sassafras (in the Extended Tale of Diep) are Polygon Bosses that spawn randomly throughout The Realm, meaning anywhere except Imperium. They also spawn anywhere in Melancholy Forest with increased spawn rates, especially near Hexen's fortress, and can also be unwillingly summoned by Hexen and spawn in Hexen's fortress otherwise if Sassafrexen has initiated a coup during an Invasion Army event. They also spawn in the Realm of Sassafras, as evidenced by its name. Original idea by Zathsu. Revamped for the Extended Tale of Diep by Diepmon.


If you're reading this after having read about Sassafras in the Tale of Diep, you should already know what they look like. At least, you think. The truth is, the image above (and the new variants below) are just a few of the many kinds of common Sassafras that reside in Hesperia. They can come in different shapes, ranging from concave squares to regular polygons to curvy shapes. However, most common Hesperians share the trait of a single eye, although that eye's pupils can come in many different colors. The same is true for their body. However, usually only the hexagon-shaped Sassafras are seen outside of Hesperia; and thus they form an outsider's image of Hesperians as blabbering hexagon pancakes.


Sassafras, being the basis for the "Rise of Hesperia" section of the Extended Tale of Diep, plays a much larger role in the story. Lord Sassafras, he who was raised by ducks from a young age, is the first Sassafras, and in reality, is an all-powerful old god who battled with Panzer at the beginning of time, and was sealed away until he was uncovered by Hexen in this form. He eventually regathered enough of his godly energy (IE Energy, which had been scattered into the beings of the Realm by Panzer) through creating clones of himself with this energy to gather it at exponential rates, until he was able to open the Realm of Sassafras and assume the form of Lord Sassafras. There is more to the story, but it is not relevant to Sassafras here. (The rest of the story in its full form can be found on the Sassa Club page). However, things have changed since then. The Hesperian League page explains much of it.


Sassafras in the Extended Tale of Diep, so as far as it goes, are pseudo-clones of Lord Sassafras (the very first were clones, but over many generations, genetic diversity has prevailed) who gather IE Energy from the sentient beings of the Realm. They and all other Sassafrassy beings, known as Hesperians, can also function as cameras for Lord Sassafras and other high-ranking Hesperians can see the world through their eyes. Despite having reached his goals already, Lord Sassafras continues to torment the Realm's inhabitants for fun. Apparently, it never gets old.

The gender ratio of all Sassafras is male to female in a 1:1 ratio. Sassafras Minions roughly have a 1:1 gender ratio, and while they serve, they are just as much Hesperian as their masters.



Zathsu Enemies Sassafras

The six possible variations of tan hexagonal Sassafras minions.

The behavior of Sassafras is generally like that in the normal Tale of Diep, with several major changes.

Sassafras will wander around surprisingly quickly, looking around at players with their glowing yellow pupil in their singular black eye, sometimes squinting at players. They spin slowly as well, like an Auto 5.

Sassafras do not attack players unless provoked, but they will still passively gather IE Energy from players in range. However, if players damage any Hesperians within a 100 tile range, all Sassafras, their Minions, and any Legionnaires will proceed to attack the instigator. Legionnaires protecting a Sassafras that has not yet been attacked will look at nearby non-Hesperians warily, sometimes squinting or making aggressive movements to ward away those who they see as threats.

The Trapper barrels fire out Mega Traps and the Dominator barrels will track the closest player. The Dominator bullets slightly curve and home in on players, but with so little effort it's almost unnoticeable. They will explode into a ring of sixteen smaller bullets (the size of a Vulcan's) four seconds after firing if it did not make contact with a player.

Sassafras Minions

EToD Hesperian Minion Collection

All Hesperian Helpers (Sassafras Minions) are hexagonal, and have one, two or three eyes. Regardless of their master, all Minions are hexagonal if they belong to a normal Sassafras (the same is not true for Minions who belong to a special Hesperian.)

Sassafras' spawners will shoot out small tan hexagonal Gunner Minions called 'Sassafras Minions,' that get into groups and gun down players. There is a maximum of 2 per spawner. They can have either one, two, or three eyes on them, and can either have a hat or not, for a total of six varieties. When a Sassafras minion is destroyed, all other Sassafras Minions will get the Frenzy buff for 2 seconds. Every minion will say the word 'Sassafras' every few seconds, quietly, but will say different things in certain quotes. Each Sassafras minion has 400 health.

ZathsuBoss Sassafras Gang

A tan hexagon Sassafras with his Sassafras minions.

IE Energy Gathering

Now, onto the Extended Tale of Diep portion of Sassafras. As mentioned above, the primary objective for all Sassafras is to gather IE Energy from sentient beings and instantly transport it to the reserves in the Realm of Sassafras for Lord Sassafras.

Upon spawn, a Sassafras deducts 40 IE energy from the Realm of Sassafras reserves. One Sassafras spawns with all members of the Sassa Club except for Happyfras, Zelena, and Sentiquet. If a Sassa Club member passes within a certain tile radius to them (it varies by member), any Sassafras, Sassafras Minions, and other Sassafras-related entities will follow the Sassa Club member, and in turn, they will teleport their followers with them. Sentiquet is the sole exception to this rule, due to her possessing a nastier disposition than Ennealis. All Sassafras who spawn by themselves will spawn with 5-10 Legionnaires of Tiers 1 and 2, and very rarely one Tier 3.

For every three seconds that a Sassafras is not damaged, it gathers one IE energy unit from each player or a sentient-designated entity (SDE) within a 25 tile radius. However, if a Sassafras is continually damaged, it will be unable to gather IE energy unless it is not damaged for three seconds. Sassafras Minions do not count toward this total in any way, if and only if they are paired with a Sassafras. Destroying a Sassafras does not do anything to the IE energy progression bar. Players are not affected when IE energy is gathered; they can visibly see some tan sparkles representing IE energy units fly from them into the eye of the Sassafras any time it is accumulated. The yellow eye visibly flashes when this happens.

Sassafras in the Extended Tale of Diep also say new quotes around members of the Sassa Club and other high-ranking Hesperians, while in the Realm of Sassafras, or when certain events happen in the Realm.

Sassafras Variants


A few Hesperian variants and their minions. The pink Sassafras is an individual known as Ecclestias, a female Sassafras who has something to do with Novementha.

In the Extended Tale of Diep, hexagon-based Sassafras can spawn in different variants, ranging from minor color and behavioral changes to more drastic modifications. Other common Hesperian variants are not needed to be listed here, as they almost never appear in the Realm (but they do in the Realm of Sassafras/Hesperia, where they function almost like their six-sided brethren.) However, the image does show a few versions of other Hesperian variants.

"Fallen" Sassafras

A Fallen Sassafras is a Sassafras who got splattered with gray paint, turning the entirety of its body gray and giving its eye a gray tint. They are not Fallen by any actual standards, but have the intriguing ability to gather IE Energy at a rate of 2 units every 3 seconds instead of one, and to fire short-range eye lasers (range of 20 tiles, dealing 15 damage on hit), but as a drawback, cannot spawn Sassafras Minions, as its spawners are clogged up with paint. Fallen Sassafras have the same health and blabbery mechanics otherwise and have a 1 in 50 chance of replacing a normal Sassafras spawn. They are still protected by Legionnaires, and otherwise are the same as normal Sassafras.

sarfassaS (Reverse Sassafras)

sarfassaSes, also known as Reverse Sassafrases, are a rarer variant of Sassafras that have no central eye, with a spawn chance of 1 in 35 to replace a normal Sassafras. Instead, they have six eyes with proportionally large pupils on their Auto Turrets. They repeat each quote they say six times, otherwise spawning normal Sassafras Minions and being the same as normal Sassafras.


Minifras are diminutive Sassafras, about 40% the size of a normal Sassafras. They summon Sassafras Minions which are also scaled down to their size, and speak in high-pitched voices. Minifras Sassafras Minions have 100 health, and Minifras themselves have a mere 1200 health. They are much less effective at gathering IE Energy, at a rate of 1 unit per entity in the same range every 5 seconds without interruption, so as a result they only deduct 10 IE Energy from the Reserves. Minifras have a spawn rate of 1 in 20 to replace a normal Sassafras.

Megafras (Sassafras Juggernaut)


A Megafras who spawned with 2 rings of weapons, a very rare occurrence.

Megafras are very rare Sassafras who are 130% larger than normal Sassafras and have 15700 health. Unlike normal Sassafras, they are aggressive and not neutral, attacking players on sight. They have a ring of smaller eyes around their central main eye, and no Auto Trap and Auto Dominator Turrets where would be. They have Skimmer cannons on their corners. Spawners still spawn Sassafras Minions. They have an outer ring like Sentiquet, on which are mounted three evenly spaced MASSIVE Auto Dominator Turrets. They speak in lower-pitched voices, are louder, but gather IE Energy at the same rate as normal Sassafras. When they spawn, they deduct 160 IE Energy from the Reserves and have a spawn rate of 1 in 150 to replace a normal Sassafras. There is a very low chance (2%) for a Megafras to spawn with two rings of weapons, as illustrated in the image.

Sassafras with Hat

Sassafras that wear hats are a 1 in 5 spawn, making them very common. They are no different otherwise from normal Sassafras, although the color of their hat's stripe (and the hat's body) is carried over to that of their Sassafras Minions if those spawned do have hats. The stripe can come in just about any color.


Batfras are Sassafras that have a black body instead of a tan one and a normal yellow eye, making them have Batman's colors. As such, they are much more likely to spew Batman-related quotes instead of other, unrelated quotes. Their Sassafras Minions likewise will have black bodies. Otherwise, they are exactly like normal Sassafras. They have a 1 in 100 chance of spawning.

Other Common Hesperians

The variants listed above are just a few of the many different Hesperians who exist in and out of the Realm of Sassafras. Multiple other varieties can be seen in the image above this section.


  • "SPICY, SPICY, SASSAFREXEN!" (Always said when spawned by Sassafrexen)
  • "Lord Sassafrexen demands results! CHARGE, CHARGE, CRACKERS!" (Giving orders to Legionnaires, if being protected by any. Once this quote is said, all Legionnaires will charge or target the nearest player)
  • "Clap if you know what it means to be Happyfras!" (Sometimes said around Happyfras)
  • "NOSE BOP"
  • "Eyez."
  • "SCREEEEEECH! MEAN LADY WITH EYEZ! MEAN LADY WITH SPICY EYEZ!" (When a Sassafras is running away from Sentiquet or Heptone. If it is Heptone, it will be slightly melodic.)
  • "To clonefinity, and beyond!" (Sometimes said around Klonen)
  • "Reverse spin, front about, into self, EXPLODE!" (Once this is said, all Sassafras Minions gain Frenzy for 12 seconds)
  • "Oh, all-seeing Oculus, all-seeing Oculus, what do you see?" (Rarely said if spawned by Oculus)
  • "Key in numbers 1 (555) 727-723-7270 for free keys to the Realm of Sassafras! This is a limited time offer!" (Rarely said if spawned by Trinovia)
  • "I am Legion, I am Legion, I am Legion." (Sometimes said if around Lauraceae)
  • "Hit me in the legs."
  • "Pepe says to cut the beef." (Sometimes said if spawned by Derpii)
  • "One Sassafras, Two Sassafras, Red Sassafras, Blue Sassafras."
  • "One hundred eighteen eyes of Sassafras on the wall, one hundred eighteen eyes of Sassafras..." (Sometimes said if around Oganesson, but will be cut off by Oganesson before proceeding to "117 eyes")
  • "I like trains. Sassa trains. Trained Sassafras. Sassafrain. REFRAIN FROM BOARDING, THE SASSAFRAS LINE IS LEAVING THE STATION." (Sometimes said around Sassafras JR)
  • "All eyes, no IE Energy." (Sometimes said around Emiolis)
  • "Hexy, Hexy, Hexy, Hexy-GONE!" (Sometimes said around Sassafrexen)
  • "Hai! Hai! Hai!"
  • "SEEEEE MEEEEE?" (Very rarely said in the Gauntlet of Hesperus)
  • "OH, ALMIGHTY LORD SASSAFRAS, WE OWE OUR LIVES TO YOU!" (Rarely said if spawned by Lord Sassafras. If one Sassafras says this, all other Hesperians will repeat in unison. Lord Sassafras will then bow and continue fighting)


  • This page should have been made long ago.
  • Sassafras in the Extended Tale of Diep play a much larger role in the story.
  • All Sassafras-based beings are referred to as "Hesperians", a demonym for everything from Legionnaires to the Sassa Club and Lord Sassafras himself.
  • All Hesperians are essentially immortal due to being enhanced by IE Energy. This allows any Sassafras who are "killed" to return in the form of IE Energy to Hesperia and re-condense in a designated area with all their memories and how they were before their death. The only way for a Hesperian to die is of old age, which is improbable considering that IE Energy seems to be a source of eternal youth at the age of a Hesperian's choosing. In addition, any IE Energy gathered by Hesperians is automatically added to the IE Energy Reserves immediately upon its gathering.
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