Sassafras JR is said to be a codename for a more advanced Sassafras. The thought shook everyone, Hesperian and non-Hesperian alike, once they realized who modified him. None other than the Mad Doctor himself, by order of Lord Sassafras. What's weird is that he doesn't remember doing so...


Sassafras JR is a member of the Sassa Club, a group of nine special Sassafras modified by Lord Sassafras to be "messengers" for him. Sassafras JR will replace a Sassafras spawn somewhere in The Realm as part of an 8-day rotation, and will always spawn with a Sassafras himself. He will spawn with the other seven active members of the Sassa Club every four cycles. Sassafras JR is a cyborg Sassafras enhanced by Dr. Lacus. He uses the Dasher's ability to quickly gather up IE Energy.


Sassafras JR is a slightly larger Sassafras (1.5x the size) with an angry red eye, with 6 Auto Trap turrets that can fire bullets, excluding the spawners. He also is a drab medium-dark blue color.


Sassafras JR has six times the stats of a regular Sassafras, including health and body damage, can turn invisible at the rate of a Manager, and has the Dasher's ability. Each bullet doesn't explode. Instead, they have the reload of a RPG, and fire a mix of Gunner Bullets and Missiles. Sassafras JR spawns 12 miniature fallen Sassafras Minions (really just Sassafras Minions splattered with gray paint), which are invulnerable until Phase 2. Those minions only whisper "Sassafras".

Battling Sassafras JR (Realm)

Sassafras JR can spawn anywhere. Once spawned, he teleports to the nearest player and starts attacking. The fallen Sassafras Minions will move with him, circling around him and attacking only if something gets very close, very close meaning close enough to touch them.

Phase 1

Sassafras JR does not have any special attacks in Phase 1. However, like other members of the Sassa Club, any Sassafras-related entities (excluding Sassafras Supreme) will group up and follow Sassafras JR within a 250 tile radius. Once they are with him, they will not leave him. Sassafras JR himself does not talk in this phase, all players will hear is his fallen Sassafras whisper "Sassafras". and the background music.

Phase 2

Once Sassafras JR reaches 30,000 health, he enters Phase 2 for the rest of the battle. Sassafras JR's eye glows a deeper red, and he will self-destruct his minions, forming them into one fallen Sassafras Supreme. The fallen Sassafras Supreme will start chasing down players and has 18,000 health. However, players must go after Sassafras JR, as once he is destroyed, the fallen Sassafras Supreme will self-destruct.


  • Rage Laser: Sassafras JR fires an auto-lock laser that increases from 2 damage per second to 12 damage per second over 20 seconds. It has a range of 20 tiles, and players must get out of the range if they are targeted, lest if they die.
  • Bolt Strike: Sassafras JR fires five lasers at random that sweep in a circle around him either clockwise or counterclockwise at different speeds. These lasers inflict Paralyzed and Burned for 4 and 2 seconds respectively.
  • Fortify: Sassafras JR spins to construct a wall of traps around him, then releases a volley of 3 Destroyer bullets from each of his top-mounted Dominator Turrets. The traps are Mega Trapper-sized and have twice the health of a Defender's traps.
  • Slam Strike: Sassafras JR hurls himself into a player, inflicting a shockwave that deals medium area damage.
  • Slam Strike Deux: Sassafras JR shakes in place for about 2.5 seconds, and bounces around at random into players, dealing heavy damage to anything hit and medium area damage. More rarely used than Slam Strike.
  • Phase Shift: Sassafras JR goes invisible and appears at random in the general area, laying down a circle of 12 traps each time for 15 seconds. To finish it off, Sassafras JR will appear on top of a player, dealing medium damage upon impact and inflicting Burning for 3 seconds.
  • Bomb Blast: Sassafras JR spins his Dominator turrets, releasing Gunner bullets in spirals around him. The bullets explode on impact with anything (including other bullets) into 8 Vulcan-sized bullets, creating a veritable lagfest for 5 seconds.

Death Animation

Once Sassafras JR's health reaches 0, his red eye steadily loses its glow as he remains in place, shaking, as smoke pours from his barrels. The fallen Sassafras Supreme will also explode violently, scattering debris everywhere that inflicts medium damage to players if they are hit by it. Sassafras JR will vanish with teleport particles, leaving only a scorched and blackened patch of land behind.

Battling Sassafras JR and Happyfras (Realm of Sassafras)

In Hesperia, specifically Arethusa, Sassafras JR and Happyfras function as the Area Boss for that region. It's a friendly battle, but a battle nonetheless.

Phase 3


Happyfras and Sassafras JR in Phase 3.

Happyfras and Sassafras JR both start with their Phase 1s, minions and all. However, when both reach 0 HP, they enter a new Phase 3 exclusive to their double battle. In Phase 3, Sassafras JR has an additional 20,000 health and Happyfras has an additional 17,000 health. They can use all their previous attacks from their Phase 2s, in addition to new ones below (Happyfras's are listed on his page.)

Sassafras JR detaches three of his turrets and turns them into controllable "hands" with hexagonal bodies. He also retracts two of his side spawners, and the remaining three turrets on his body transform into laser cannons.

Sassafras JR does not spawn his fallen Sassafras Supreme in Phase 2 during this battle, but both Happyfras and Sassafras JR do get their respective entourages of Sassafras Minions in Phase 1.


  • ANGERYFRAS: Happyfras's passive ability. Happyfras deals 35% increased damage with all attacks, but his accuracy is reduced by 10%.
  • Unnerving Aura: JR's passive ability. He has an aura around him that randomly inflicts Panic on players for 2-5 seconds, often when he is performing an attack.
  • Multibash: JR spins his arms wildly around him as he dashes within players to hit them at least 3 times for medium damage each.
  • Rager Laser: Happyfras blasts a rapid stream of red lasers from his angry eye. These bounce for medium damage on up to 6 targets.
  • Hat Swap: Happyfras tosses his tattered hat to JR, who puts it on. The hat's eyes glow a blinding yellow as dense traps start being manifested out of IE Energy around Happyfras, while 5-9 Legionnaires appear around JR to fight. After both effects have happened, Happyfras retrieves his hat.
  • Hurricane Smash: JR grapples 3 players in with his top-mounted turrets and bashes them multiple times, dealing very high damage.
  • Happyfarts: Happyfras releases a massive amount of IE Energy out of his rear end that propels him forward a great distance, usually into JR. If it isn't JR, he will just deal damage to anyone in his path for 40 tiles before coming to a stop. If it's JR, he will catch Happyfras and fling him into the air, where Happyfras spins around, spraying clouds of small bullets that inflict Spiced on contact and medium damage.
  • Minionize: Happyfras turns 4 players into invincible Sassafras Minions and forces them to dance around him and absorb damage for 30 seconds, before returning them to normal.
  • Cone of Flames: JR slams his three arms together with all of them facing forward, combining them into a flamethrower-like weapon that shoots green fire outwards at players, inflicting both Burning and Spiced for 8 seconds, as well as high damage. Lasts for 6 seconds.
  • Hyper Freem: Happyfras jams himself into one of JR's spawners, and JR fires a very wide laser beam using Happyfras that instantly kills on contact.
  • Sassa Strike: JR manifests a trophy with a miniature Lord Sassafras statue atop it, and puts it down in front of him. The statue comes to life as a tiny Lord Sassafras, uses one of his Phase 7 attacks, and disappears.
  • Grip Slam: JR grabs 5 players, jams them together into a clump, and blasts a dark orange pulse laser at them to deal high damage and break the clump.
  • Giga Spiral: Happyfras spins rapidly as he fires bullets at 500% his normal reload rate. Any Minions, whether they belong to Happyfras or JR, will do this exact same attack, making it very dangerous. The bullets deal very low damage and are slow-moving, though.

"Death" Animation

When either Happyfras or JR reaches 0 HP, the one who reached 0 HP first will look at the other, whose eye flashes and teleports the other away, presumably to recuperate in their residence. If it is Happyfras, he will thank players and vanish, his eye returning to his usual happy expression and fixing his hat. If it is JR, he bows to the players for the training battle and does a flying leap into the air, jumping away somewhere.

Quotes (Sassa Clubhouse Meeting Only)

  • "A strong Hesperian comes from a strong wind, blessed by our lord. You might not be a Hesperian, but you were certainly blessed."
  • "You see all of this around you, my friend? This is our land. Our special little area we call home. I can tell Trinovia let you in for a special reason."
  • "Maybe one day we could partake in a duel? A friendly, two one one with my relative, Happyfras?"
  • "I could get news about the IE Reserves from Sham-urai, but he really isn't doing his job. I should shape him up one day.."


  • Sassafras JR is indeed the first Sassafras Clone.
  • Sassafras JR got his name from making an interdimensional phone call. The person on the end was blabbering something about "senpai". JR didn't know what that meant, but he's proud anyway to have that honor of making the first interdimensional phone call.
  • Sassafras JR's personality is that of an honorable individual. When players fight him, it is not an act of aggression, rather; it is one of respect and challenge.
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