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Right after opening the sub-realm in which he dumped his accumulated IE Energy, the soon-to-be Lord Sassafras wanted one more thing just to irritate the disciple of the six-sided polygons and someone to do his bidding. As an experiment, he created a version of Hexen but with Sassafras-like qualities by experimenting on a Sassafras, the first of many "Sassafrized" copies of other strong beings in the Realm. Unlike the ones who came before him, Sassafrized Hexen, or Sassafrexen, as he came to be called, was bestowed with the gift of sentience by Lord Sassafras, and proceeded to pass this sentience onto all future Hesperians, creating the Hesperian race in the process. While the creation of Sassafrexen did waste great amounts of IE energy, it more than paid back in full with Sassafrexen's infrequent coups of Hexen's fortress (which serves to accumulate massive amounts of IE energy from Hexen and his subjects, and the tanks who fight Sassafrexen) when supported with the forces of the Legion of the Lord or keeping an eye on the Sassa Club's activities in The Realm from the Realm of Sassafras. All be told, Sassafrexen is technically Lord Sassafras's secretary, but he loves what he does and praises Lord Sassafras while doing his job, which encompasses a wide variety of tasks.


Sassafrexen is a clone of Hexen made by Lord Sassafras with heavily refined IE Energy. Sassafrexen, apart from looking vastly different than Hexen, is much like Hexen in personality. The one thing that sets them apart is that Lord Sassafras intended Sassafrexen to be a role model for all the Sassafras clones and minions throughout The Realm, and to keep tabs on the Sassa Club, as their unique personalities are somewhat too much for Lord Sassafras to manage all the time. Sassafrexen, gaining power over time with conquests, eventually went on to augment and promote several of the members of the High Sassa Council at Lord Sassafras's behest.

Sassafrexen himself is buoyant and reckless like Hexen, but also speaks greatly of Lord Sassafras and doesn't have a softer side like Hexen.

Sassafrexen Clones

A Sassafrexen clone annoying Hexen, as a Sassafras looks on.

This page is about the de facto Sassafrexen, as there are Sassafrexen clones that look like Sassafrexen who were created by Lord Sassafras (or Sassafrexen himself) but have only a minuscule fraction of Sassafrexen's power (only 5,000 health and no resistances). The clones also do not possess mouths and hold a Sassafrized version of Hexen's normal sword, unlike Sassafrexen. They can use any one of Hexen's Phase 1 attacks. Sassafrexen clones appear in various gamemodes, also summoned by Sassafrexen himself in some of his attacks, but most notably in the Realm of Sassafras.


Sassafrexen looks a lot like Hexen. He has two yellow Sassafras eyes on his body, a derpy smile (only for the picture, he usually has a maniacal and/or a slightly disturbing smile throughout the fight) and Sassafras tan everywhere instead of hexagon green. Sassafrexen also has Hexen's Poluxe Form sword with tan hexagon gems, instead of a Sassafrized version of Hexen's normal sword. Apart from those differences, the two visually look very similar.


Sassafrexen has 60,000 HP and significantly higher resistances than Hexen (40% baseline, decreases to a minimum of 15% even under Broken). Like Hexen, he has a sword and a grappling hook, and these share the same mechanics. Unlike Hexen, though, he has a greater deal of energy projection than playing around with mechanical stuff.

Also, unlike Hexen, because he was molded by Lord Sassafras to be slightly superior to Hexen in personality and power, he does not lose the use of his handheld weapons in Phase 2 like some of the other Polygon Disciples, like Trites and Decratite. His bottom spawner spawns one Sassafras Minion every ten seconds, with a limit of 60. Sassafrexen also does not have a Poluxe Form, due to him not being created by the Polygon Mother.

In place of Hexen's boss waves in Phase 2, Sassafrexen summons waves of Sassafras and Sassafras Minions. He might also summon a Sassafras Supreme somewhere... but this is unconfirmed, heh, heh, heh...

Sassafrexen's Coup

After players defeat the Legionnaires and their Legion Commander guarding Hexen's fortress, it will open. instead of Hexagon-based enemies who are waiting inside, Sassafras and Sassafras minions will be found instead. There is no Paramarch to be found. Once players reach what is supposed to be Hexen's battle room, they will find Sassafrexen there instead. Sassafrexen will deliver a monologue about how Hexen refuses to join the Hesperians, despite all the benefits that would come with it and his apparent ancestry, and point to the hexagon disciple tied up in a corner surrounded by many Sassafras Minions.

The battle will then begin, detailed below in the next section. Players who wander up to Hexen at any point in the fight will be attacked by the invincible Sassafras Minions, firing bouncy bullets that propel players backward and away from the captured Hexen. Hexen can be seen to struggle to no avail, and sometimes say an angry quote about Sassafras or Sassafrexen in general. It is not until when Sassafrexen reaches the health threshold where Hexen would enter his death phase that Hexen will finally break out of his binds and attack Sassafrexen. This is detailed in the "Hexen Escapes!" section.

The Fight

Sassafrexen in battle, halfway through Phase 2.

Once Sassafrexen says his intro quotes, he summons 50 Sassafras Minions to form a blockade at the doorway, detailed below. The battle will then begin in Phase 1.

Phase 1

  • Join Me In Battle, Against Your Wishes: Sassafrexen summons 50 Sassafras Minions (all with hats), all of which rush to the entrance and clog it up, preventing entry in and out of the battle room. Players who come in contact with the wall of Sassafras minions from either side will be pushed away lightly with no damage, although 50 Sassafras minions constantly chanting "SASSAFREXEN!" while players are near them will quickly get annoying. Eventually, halfway through Phase 2, the Sassafras Minions will leave the doorway, allowing players to leave if the battle gets too difficult, which it most likely will with all the shouting.

It's showtime! Time to show you all what Sassafrexen can do! BEHOLD MY FRIENDLY SPICY EYES!

  • Sassa Wave: Sassafrexen spawns 8 Sassafras Minions from his spawner at once that spread out, firing bullets as they go. Repeated every time 8 Sassafras Minions are destroyed.
  • Sassa Dash: Sassafrexen spins his sword around several times, grabs a player with his grappling hook, and runs around in straight lines while laughing. The grappled player is swung around to hit their compatriots, while Sassafrexen spins his sword to deal medium damage and knockback to anyone hit.
  • Sassa Grenade: Sassafrexen pumps out one larger-than-normal Thorn Mine, and tosses it at a player with his hook. Upon impact, it explodes into 32 yellow Gunner-sized bullets that inflict Confused for 4 seconds on impact.
  • Sassa Slash: Sassafrexen swings forward and left to right and back, dealing medium damage, and inflicting Poisoned and Dazed for 3 seconds on contact.
  • I LOVE ALL YOUR WEAPONS: Sassafrexen grabs 5-8 players with his grapple launcher and waves them around as he controls their weapons in a clump to attack the remaining players fighting him. Lasts for 12 seconds. After this attack has terminated, Sassafrexen flings the captured players at Hexen, dealing medium damage to the players and leaving Hexen with a dent in his helmet. The Sassafras Minions guarding Hexen will then proceed to propel the tossed players away from Hexen.
  • IE Thrust: Sassafrexen holds his sword up, and tan energy swirls around it rapidly, condensing at the tip. With the glowy tip, Sassafrexen jabs at players in all directions like Hexen's Fury Thrust attack, but he is moving and doesn't use his grappling hook. Lasts for 10 seconds, and if that weren't enough, Sassafrexen gains Frenzy for the duration of this attack.
  • Say hello to Sassafras: Sassafrexen summons a Sassafras in. He will then push it at players at high speed, and the Sassafras will fire all of its weapons as it hurls towards the group of players. Upon impact with anything, the Sassafras deals body damage and explodes into 18 Sassafras Minions.
  • I sexually identify as a machine gun: Sassafrexen turns upside down, and starts releasing a barrage of small Thorn Mines from his launcher that explodes for low damage on impact, but do not release their thorns. The mines are fired out Vulcan-speed and style, meaning very, very fast, not to mention that Sassafrexen is swinging back and forth for maximum coverage.
  • The Drill That Pierces the Heavens: Sassafrexen spins his sword, and a drill hat appears on his head instead of the helmet. He then flies into the sky, breaking a hole in the roof of Hexen's fortress. Then, without warning, Sassafrexen drills down on the largest group of players, with debris flying everywhere. Players hit by Sassafrexen will receive high damage, while those who are directly underneath him as he continues burrowing into the ground and back up again will receive constant low damage. Sassafrexen returns to normal when he finishes this attack.
  • Sassa Swarm: Sassafrexen directs all Sassafras Minions currently in the room into a giant clump to chase down players as one crowd for 20 seconds. He will resume attacking after giving the command while remaining in the clump of Sassafras Minions.
  • Sassafras Strike: Sassafrexen envelops himself in a flash of light, and throws his sword over and over as it continuously returns to him boomerang-style. The sword inflicts Bleeding and Confused for 3 seconds on contact and low damage.
  • Beam Blast: Sassafrexen holds his sword in front of him, and tan energy begins to gather at the tip. Sassafrexen then fires a very wide and long laser bolt from the sword's tip that bounces off the walls up to six times, dealing medium damage per contact.
  • BETWEEN, ABOVE, BELOW, BEHIND, ON, LEFT OF, RIGHT OF, AROUND, IN FRONT OF, UNDERNEATH, AND IN MY FRIENDLY EYES: Sassafrexen releases a storm of bullets in the general area around his eyes that fly everywhere at different sizes and speeds. Lasts for 5 seconds.

Phase 2

Sassafrexen in Phase 2, with six hands.

When Sassafrexen's hands' health is drained, he enters Phase 2. Sassafrexen manifests four MORE arms out of IE energy, holding Hexen Poluxe's fist thorn weapon, normal Hexen's sword, and a massive staff-gun called the Obliterator created by Hexen, but unfortunately stolen by Sassafrexen.

The Obliterator Staff.

The Obliterator has five modes, all of which fire Thorn Mines of different sizes. The five modes are as follows: the small blast, single medium blast, double medium blast, triple medium blast, and large blast modes. Size refers to the size of the Thorn Mines fired, depending on the mode. The larger the Thorn Mines, the higher their explosive damage.

Sassafrexen teleports into the center of the arena in Phase 2, and bullets fired at all of the hands will go through them.

Sassafrexen now will summon Sassafras, Sassafras Minions, Sassa Club members, and Sassafras Supreme at the very end, though things will happen when that wave arrives... All of these bosses will reward EXP, excluding their minions. Everything WILL talk over each other.

During a boss summon, Sassafrexen will CONTINUE attacking, unlike the Polygon Disciples, making this fight that much harder. For every 6,900 HP lost, Hexen will summon a boss or multiple bosses as the following:

Boss Spawning Order

  • At 35,400 HP: 50 Sassafras Minions or Two Sassafras
  • At 28,500 HP: 100 Sassafras Minions or Four Sassafras
  • At 21,600 HP: Happyfras + 75 Sassafras Minions or Sassafras JR + Two Sassafras or Emolis + Two Sassafras or Zelena + Two Sassafras
  • At 14,700 HP: 150 Sassafras Minions or Six Sassafras
  • At 7,800 HP: Sentiquet + Four Sassafras or Oganesson + Three Sassafras or Klonen + Three Sassafras
  • At 900 HP: Sassafras Supreme + Six Sassafras + 75 Sassafras Minions


Note: Sassafrexen can use all of his Phase 1 attacks in Phase 2, in addition to the new attacks listed below. Instead of gaining powered-up versions of the Phase 1 attacks, all Phase 2 attacks are completely new, and become even more ridiculous like those of Lord Sassafras in Phases 5 and 7, but obviously not to that degree of ridiculousness.

  • Ping Pong: Sassafrexen's eyes start spinning around. His pupils fly out of their sockets and bounce around the room, making a "boing" sound every time they hit anything to deal low damage. Sassafrexen spins around in place, deflecting all non-magical ammunition fired at him. Lasts for 8 seconds.
  • Multispin Dash: Sassafrexen holds his hands out to the side with both hands and starts spinning rapidly in place. He will fly at players, accelerating as he moves at a medium speed. Every time he reaches a target location, he will remain in place for about 0.5 seconds while still spinning before accelerating to a new location or target. 60% of non-magical ammunition fired at Sassafrexen will be destroyed (not deflected) on contact with him while he is spinning. This attack lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Sludge Sled: Sassafrexen summons a Sassafras underneath him, which flattens itself and melts into a tan goop. Sassafrexen jumps on the goop and slides around the room in circles, leaving a trail of goop that on contact inflicts Poisoned and Slowed for as long as players are as in contact with it. The trail disappears after 5 seconds of being laid down, and players hit by Sassafrexen receive the debuffs above for 4 seconds as well as being dealt medium damage and low knockback.
  • Switcheroo!: Sassafrexen launches out a giant Thorn Mine from his head launcher aimed at a group of players. Upon reaching its target (it homes in on the player(s),) Sassafrexen swaps places with the mine, so wherever Sassafrexen was, the explosion occurs, and Sassafrexen is now in front of the players.
  • Poke Poke: Sassafrexen goes over to Hexen and starts poking him. Sassafrexen will also grab players with his grappling hook and poke Hexen with them, too. Meanwhile, the Sassafras Minions guarding Hexen will form a shield around Sassafrexen, firing their non-damaging bouncy bullets to keep as many players as they can away from Sassafrexen. Sassafrexen will annoy Hexen for 20-25 seconds, then go back to fighting the players.
  • IE Manifest: Sassafrexen uses IE Energy to create something out of thin air. He can manifest any weapon or body part and perform an attack with it, so as long as it's about his size or smaller. Whatever is created, it will disappear after one attack is used with it.
  • Cannon Volleys: Sassafrexen holds the staff and fires off repeated waves of Thorn Mines, cycling between the staff's five modes four times. This attack lasts for 25 seconds, and Sassafrexen will swipe at players who get close with his swords.
  • Fists of Fury: Sassafrexen summons three Sassafrexen clones, teleports all of the players into a tight group, and Sassafrexen and his clones start pummeling them with their fist weapons. The fists deal very low area damage to players hit by them, but the damage quickly adds up. Lasts for 10 seconds. Once the attack is finished, the Sassafrexen clones vanish.
  • LIGHT THAT BACKFIRES AT BURNING THE SKY: Sassafrexen holds up all of his hands, and begins forming a giant yellow, tan, and green energy ball above him. It takes a full ten seconds to charge up, but when Sassafrexen is about to fire it, it explodes, inflicting Dazed, Paralyzed, Confused, Blinded, and Soaked on everyone in the room for 15 seconds (but no damage), including Sassafrexen. Despite the long duration, Sassafrexen cannot attack players, as he is being afflicted by the backfired attack's effects as well, so players and Sassafrexen will be able resume attacking at the same time.
  • SA FRA SA FRA... SAAAAAAA!!!: Sassafrexen charges up a KA-ME-HA-ME-HA style attack for seven seconds while going Invincible, and disappears as the massive energy ball flies forward with tremendous speed. He will reappear in the largest group of players, spins once to deal immense damage with all of his weapons, and return to normal.
  • FRENZY FRAS: Sassafrexen starts flailing around, spraying ammunition everywhere in a matter not unlike the Archprophet's Last Hurrah attack, except in a more unorganized and unpredictable manner. Lasts for 10 seconds.
  • Triple Blast: Sassafrexen lets loose a threesome of Thorn Mines from the Obliterator Staff that explode and do massive damage to everyone in the room.
  • Spicy Wasassafrabi: Sassafrexen picks up Hexen and throws him at a group of players. Hexen will land short of the players and leave a sizeable crater, revealing a crate of wasabi hidden underneath the floor. Sassafrexen cracks open the crate and smears it everywhere, giving all players AND Hesperians Frenzy for the rest of the battle. Used at 20% health.
  • Sassa Shake: Sassafrexen shakes all of his weapons like rattles and starts dancing and goes Invincible, as all other Hesperians form a conga line around him and dance to mariachi music for 2 minutes.

Hexen Escapes!

At 900 HP, instead of Sassafrexen going into a death phase like Hexen, Sassafrexen will first summon Sassafras Supreme, raising his hands into the sky. A portal opens in the ceiling, and Sassafras Supreme drops out, followed by six Sassafras. Hexen will then start boiling with anger as Sassafrexen starts delivering a monologue in a cutscene (players cannot fire or move.) Both Sassafrexen, Sassafras Supreme, and the Sassafras are Invincible during the cutscene. Midway through Sassafrexen's monologue, however, Hexen breaks free of the cables binding him and slashes his way through the Sassafras Minions guarding him. He immediately transforms into his Poluxe Form, and Sassafrexen notices Hexen yelling. Sassafrexen then says a quote about him having reached his goal in gathering enough IE energy, and teleports away, leaving Hexen and the players to defeat Sassafras Supreme and the Sassafras, as well as any other Hesperians that Sassafrexen left behind. Players cannot hurt Hexen and vice versa, and he will attack with his Phase 1 abilities until his health drops to 35,400 HP or below, at which he will stop attacking, go Invincible, and regenerate up to 60,000 over 45 seconds. Once all Sassafras-related things have been defeated, Hexen (reluctantly) thanks the players for forming a temporary alliance with him, and they are all teleported outside his fortress. Hexen's fortress will then be closed for 24 hours.


Sassafrexen does not deliver any rewards upon his defeat, due to the nature of his fight in the first place and as a whole. However, repeated defeats of Sassafrexen do add to the progression to open the next Realm of Sassafras.




  • Sassafrexen is the first such experiment of Lord Sassafras in making Sassafrized versions of bosses. Since Sassafrizing drains a great deal of IE energy from the reserves, Sassafrexen is the only Sassafrized entity with sentience; all other Sassafrexen clones, or Sassafrized entities, for that matter, are drones controlled by the Sassa Club, Sassafrexen himself, or Lord Sassafras, depending on the gamemode.
  • Thanks to Graviatar for the intro quote and Taco for the BGM.
  • Sassafrexen offers a much harder fight than the Disciples in Phase 2, due to the fact that he continues attacking while the boss waves are active and does not go into an invincible state.