The Satellite is a member of the massive Lancer branch and upgrades from the Injector at level 45. It may not further upgrade. Idea by Diepmon.


It has a normal solid color tank body again, with two lances opposite each other like a Flank Guard's guns (except having equal length) and two Battleship drone spawners on the other opposing sides of the tank. On top, there is a two-sided Auto Turret.


When upgraded to, the Satellite regains the characteristic charge ability of the Lancer branch. Now, it can charge backwards OR forwards! To charge backwards, press the right mouse button. To charge forwards, press the left mouse button. Pressing both buttons at the same time causes the tank to spaz out because it doesn't know what to do. The Battleship drone spawners are only on if Auto Fire is on and are AI controlled, not if either mouse button is pressed. The Flank Auto Turret acts like that of an Auto Gunner/Auto Trapper/Auto Smasher's, just shooting at nearby tanks or polygons. Note that both sides shoot regardless if there is a target on both ends or not. You can charge backwards, but lose the momentum you had before if you were charging forwards.


  • The only tank in the Lancer branch that can charge backwards (the Intersection charges in cardinal directions and on the diagonals, this tank can charge in the direction opposite the cursor.)

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