The Scattergun is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Machine Gun at Level 30. It may further upgrade into the Shotgun, Grape Shot, Sprayer, Penta Shot, Spread Shot, or Quickergun at Level 45.


The Scattergun has a circular base. It has a cannon overlapped by a cannon, which itself is overlapped by a Machine Gun cannon.


The Scattergun reloads slightly slower than a Tank. It shoots a spread of five bullets spaced out equally. There are two bullets to its left and two to its right, and one in the middle. They're all spread out by intervals of 15 degrees. The bullets themselves are faster but weaker than Tank bullets.


Strong Against: Crowds of tanks, slow RoF tanks, lower-level tanks, anything dumb enough to get near it

Weak Against: Focused-fire tanks, high point damage tanks, Snipers, Trappers, Drone classes, higher-level tanks

As the Scattergun

  • Try to level up as quickly as possible. While this tank does have defensive capability, it's not designed for combat.
  • Hit-and-run tactics are good with this tank, since its bullets are quite hard to avoid.
  • If you see a weak tank, pressure it to kill it and gain its XP.

Against the Scattergun

  • Spam focused fire at it.
  • As a Sniper, engage it from a distance.
  • As a Trapper, defend its shots with your traps. Its spread shot won't be useful if only one can hit you, and said shot gets blocked by your traps.
  • Drone users have an easy time getting through this class' bullets.
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