The Seeker is one of the current Tier 4 upgrade options from the Assassin or the Triple Shot. The Seeker may not upgrade any further as it is at the end of its tank branches. A collab between Enigmium and Tacocat247, DO NOT STEAL.


The Seeker features a circular tank bodyas a base with Two Sniper Cannons And One Flashlight in the middle in the same formation as Penta Shots Three middle Cannons. Compared to assassin, it features Two extra Cannons. Compared to Triple Shot, the 3 Cannons are compressed together. In team gamemodes, the orb at the end of the Flashlight is the color of your team, but in FFA, the Cannon is the same color as the Cannon is mounted on. The color of the flashlight is the same color as the orb at the end of the Cannon, except in FFA, when the flastlight is yellow.


There is a reason why the middle Cannon is called a flashlight. When you right click your mouse, the flashlight "turns on". When the flashlight is on, you can see invisible tanks in the range of the flashlight. The range of the Flashlight is about half of the Assassin's FoV, and the shape of the Flashlight is a cone. The downside? While the flashlight is on, you can't shoot. To disable the flashlight, right click again.


  • Strong against: Invisible tanks, auto tanks, low DPS Tanks.
  • Weak Against: Fast rammers, high DPS tanks, Destroyer Branch.

When trying to reach a high score in FFA, keep your flashlight on unless you are in danger or when you found an invisible tank. When trying to run away from danger, start to shoot at the enemy, since you have the knockback of a Triple Shot, you can run away. When finding an invisible tank, turn off your flashlight and then shoot at them. When they try to escape, try your best to use your knockback to catch it. In 2 teams, use the same strategy. If you find an invisible tank on your team, look away from them, as you can see invisible tanks on your team as well. The same thing applies to all other Game Modes.


  • This is probably the 1st tank on this wikia that can see invisible tanks. correct me if I'm wrong.
    • I'm probably wrong.
  • This tank probably had the most information out of my earlier tanks.
  • This poll is just a classic.
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