The Serrator is a tank that upgrades from the Lancer at level 30 and can further upgrade into the Duo Flank Serrator, the Serraphen, and the Shredder at level 45. Idea by Diepmon.


The Serrator has a longer Lancer spike that is also significantly thinner. There are two curved notches cut into it on opposite sides close to the base.


This tank retains the charging ability of the Lancer (charging does double damage now with this tank), although it's a bit different. When charging and you hit something, there is a 20% chance to perform a critical hit. A critical hit deals 225% damage instead of 200% damage, momentarily stuns the tank for 1 second so it can't move, turn or fire (or control drones). However, the Serrator receives a slight recoil of 1/8 of its max health and a bit of knockback when this happens. A critical hit cannot be performed below 1/4 health. This tank also gets a base Body Damage buff.

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