The Shield is one of the two upgrade choices from the Defense. It turns the Shield into a Big Shield.


This upgrade features one big shield with rough edges on the front. There is one Cannon integrated into this shield.


This tank has more health than the Defense. Big Shields block more Bullets in area terms and also block 40% of incoming damage. The bullets are still the same as the Defense's as is the EXP gain.


  • Strong against: Unprepared tanks, weak tanks, spread tanks, low-reload tanks, Destroyer-class tanks, Auto Tanks, Drone/Trap users
  • Weak against: High DPS classes

As this tank

The exact same strategies as the ones used for the Defense should be used here. However, you can afford to be a little more reckless now that you have better blocking capabilities.

Against this tank

Flanking this tank is recommended considering the immense blocking capability of this tank. The bullet spam strategy will still work, just not as well.


  • Originally created by Transforming Eevee
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