The Shield is a Tier 3 tank upgrading from the Supporter at Level 30. No, it doesn't heal. You're thinking of the Healer. The Shield actually loses its healing powers, and instead gains the power to summon an Aura of Shielding.


The Shield tank has a normal barrel like the Basic Tank, and a grey arch at the back, which looks like a shield. This grey arch is there purely for design.


The Shield has the same stats as the Basic Tank. The difference is, that whenever it destroys a normal blue pentagon, it gets a one-time Aura of Shielding, usable at any time, which will last 3 seconds. The Shield can only have 1 Aura of Shielding available at a time. Also, an Aura of Shielding can only be spawned outside of an existing Aura of Shielding. In other words, you cannot spawn the aura if you are already inside an Aura of Shielding. For information on what the Aura of Shielding does, please see the Auras page.


  • Strong against: Tanks with low reload/penetration
  • Weak against: High reload/penetration, rammers, very fast tanks

As the Shield

  • The Shield works best in the Pentagon Nest, because there is never really a lack of pentagons there. Group up with some other Shields and Protectors, and you can take over the Pentagon Nest.
  • The aura only blocks ammunition. Tanks may still enter, and Crashers will too. Beware of rammers and other fast tanks.
  • Upgrade your bullet stats so you can quickly kill pentagons and create the auras constantly.

Against the Shield

  • A good shield with a good supply of Pentagons will be hard to kill.
  • Remember that you can still enter its aura without any adverse effects, so ramming builds work well. Even bullet tri-angles are great. The Shield will be so focused on running from the tri-angle that it won't have time to kill pentagons and spawn an aura, and it will be vulnerable.
  • If you can hit it with an Arsonist, Witch, or any other tank that spawns an aura with its bullets, the Shield will be forced to move, and have trouble spawning another aura quickly.


  • The Shield and its upgrade, the Protector are the only tanks in the game with exactly the same stats as the Basic Tank.
  • Created by SomeCatchyName.
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