The Shocker is a tank made by Diesel0307. It is an upgrade from the Split Angle at Level 30, and it features the Shockwave Gun.


The Shocker is a blue circular tank with a Cannon in the front and a Shockwave Gun in the back.


  • Shoots normal bullets from the front
  • Creates a Shockwave using the Shockwave Gun in the back, which will stun enemies
  • When upgraded to, movement speed slightly increases


  • A good strategy when facing other players is to put them behind you, and then activating the Shockwave Gun (by pressing Shift). The you can turn around and start shooting them
    • When using this strategy you may want them to get as close as possible, so that they are stunned for a longer amount of time
  • Stunning Bosses will cause them to stop attacking and all bullets/drones will stop as well. This could be used to get some hits on them


  • This is the first cannon that uses a Shockwave Gun
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