The Shrap-splosive is a fanon tank in It, like all the Shrapnel Shooter branch tanks and some other tanks, can be played on this server.


The Shrap-splosive upgrades from the Shrapnel Shooter at Level 45. This tank has a special cannon that shoots Explosive Shrapnel. Explosive Shrapnel can be triggered using the shift key or right clicking. Explosive Shrapnel deals more damage than normal shrapnel, and shoots about fifteen small shrapnel upon triggering.


As the Shrap-splosive

  • This tank is great for shooting out clusters of enemies, as the explosion can hit multiple objects at once.
  • This is also great for taking out large swarms of Polygons, hitting multiple at once due to the explosion feature.
  • Unlike most of the Shrapnel branch, this tank is great at longer range. The powerful bullet its about equal in strength to a Sniper bullet.
  • Destroyers are even more of a danger with the Shrap-splosive. Their bullet can easily destroy yours before it can trigger the explosion.

Against the Shrap-splosive

  • Keep a wide berth from the bullets. Their explosion can wound you even if the bullet misses.
  • Destroyers can counter these easily. Their bullets provide a shield against the explosion, and when close enough, can smash the opposing Shrap-shooter.


  • The Shrap-splosive's explosion can move the Explosive Shrapnel, changing its path. This can sometimes be enough to hit a missed enemy.
  • The Shrap-splosive's Explosive Shrapnel actually has an extremely long reload. It, if given a long enough lifespan, could explode again.
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