The Shredder is a member of the massive Lancer branch and upgrades from the Bastion or Serrator at level 45. It may not upgrade further. Idea by Diepmon.


The Shredder has an Auto Turret on the top of the tank and a lance with tiny little triangles on its edges, like a chainsaw.


This tank has an Auto Turret that acts like other top-mounted Auto Turrets (AI controlled.) The chainsaw-like lance is animated and has the triangles moving counterclockwise or clockwise. This tank has a charge ability, but the spiked lance does double the damage of a normal lance and stacks with the extra charge damage from its prior upgrade, the Serrator (there is a charge damage multiplier of x2 when the tank is charging.) However, the tank gets a 50% base movement speed debuff like the Paladin, except much more drastic. The tank can also deflect 25% of the bullets fired at it if they hit the lance. The charge duration is increased to 6 seconds and the top charge speed is slightly higher. The tank doesn't have a critical hit chance like the Serrator does, though. So in the end, this tank does 4x damage but has a 10-second charge cooldown. Don't get close.


  • The Auto Turret up top is kinda useless, if you think about it. It's really just like the Auto Smasher's turret.
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