The Shrapnel is one of the many Extended Sons of Panzer that can spawn in Fortresses. It is the boss variant of the Fragmenteer. Created by The Tidal Wave.


The Shrapnel is a red tank with 6 Frag Mine Launchers arranged like a snowflake. On the Shrapnel is a 6-sided Auto Turret.

The Shrapnel's Frag Mines, like the Mines of the Smokescreen, Star and Volcano, all have a lifespan of 45 seconds.


Fragment Rain: Spins and shoots Frag Mines, with each Launcher launching 2 Frag Mines per second. Its Auto Turret will spin in the opposite direction and shoot Gunner Bullets at an even faster rate of 5 bullets per second.

Claymore: Shoots one giant Frag Mine from a random Launcher. This Frag Mine will not turn invisible or immediately detonate. Instead, after 5 seconds, it will explode into 50 (!) spikes.

Frag Grenade: The 6 Barrels of its Auto Turret will retract into the Turret, then a Mortar barrel will appear. Said Mortar Barrel then fires a Mortar shot at a place with the highest tank density. The Mortar shot, when landing, does low damage but explodes into 5 Frag Mines that take 3 seconds to arm.

Pulse Wave: The Shrapnel's Frag Mine Launchers retract into itself. Then, the Auto Turret gains an extra 6 barrels for a total of 12 barrels. The Auto Turret releases waves of bullets while rotating. During this attack, the Shrapnel cannot move but instead has Armoured. This attack lasts for 30 seconds.

Death animation

The Shrapnel will shake slightly, as the horns on the Frag Mine Launchers will be ejected at a high speed. This is followed by the Barrels on the Auto Turret, then the remains of the Frag Mine Launchers, and finally, the Shrapnel will crack and split into 6 parts, each taking up exactly 1/6 of the body. A bright flash of light occurs and the Shrapnel is blown apart.


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