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The Slapper is a Tier 3 Fanon Tank that evolves from Puncher and can further evolve into Predator, Drowner, Zapper, Schorcher, and Squeezer. Idea and art by Sentinal94K. DO NOT STEAL.


When it evolves from Puncher, it gains a Predator bottom cannon. It's FoV is increased, but it's reload and Penetration is decreased.


Strong against: Tanks with a low RoF, slow rammers, some drone users(if used properly)

Weak against: Fast rammers, snipers,  auto tanks

As the tank:

  • If faced with slow rammers, shoot at them repeatedly while running backwards.
  • If faced with drone users, shoot between they're drones.

Against the tank:

  • If you are a rammer, circle around it before killing it.
  • As a sniper, snipe it while it cannot see you.
  • As an auto tank, concentrate on dodging.


  • Has a square body.
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