The Sleeping Nightmare is an AI controlled mini-boss that can spawn and move anywhere on the map, in any game mode. Created by SomeCatchyName.


The Sleeping Nightmare is a large maroon/blood red circle about the size of a Mothership. It has one spawner on its back, from where it will spawn its Minions, which are basic tanks of the same colour.


  • The Sleeping Nightmare will drift around like a Polygon and "sleep", i.e. remain invisible, until it receives damage from any tank or mini-boss, at which point it will began to slowly chase the player (or mini-boss), at about the speed of a Mothership.
  • The Sleeping Nightmare will then spawn one Minion about every 10 seconds (with a maximum of three minions at any time). Minions are basic tanks maxed out in all stats except health regen. They are the same colour as the Sleeping Nightmare. They will chase and shoot at any tanks or mini-boss that damage the Sleeping Nightmare, either until they are dead, the tank they are chasing is dead, or it is out of range (Minions will stay close to the Nightmare at all times). The Nightmare itself has no other form of attack (or defense), except it's large health and moderate body damage.
  • The Sleeping Nightmare has as much health as an Alpha Pentagon, and awards 30 000 XP when killed. Its Minions award no XP.


  • Strong against: Sniper branch, tanks with low reload, weak tanks
  • Weak against: tanks with high reload, bullet spammers, e.g. Triplet, Machine Gun branch, Twin etc.
  • The Sleeping Nightmare has no form of defence apart from its Minions, use this to your advantage.
  • Attack the Sleeping Nightmare when its Minions are chasing someone else. However, if the Minions do lock on to you, continually spam bullets at them. If you cannot defend yourself, retreat.
  • Of course, if you don't think you can take on this mini-boss, don't shoot at it and it won't bother you.


  • All mini-bosses will attack the Sleeping Nightmare as long as it isn't invisible, which can lead to interesting AI vs AI battles.
  • The Sleeping Nightmare is the first mini-boss that can turn invisible.
  • Even while invisible, Sleeping Nightmares will still slowly move, much like how polygons passively move around. This means they can crash into each other, causing a Nightmare vs Nightmare battle.
  • The Sleeping Nightmare does not turn fully invisible. It only turns as invisible as invisible tanks used to before they started turning fully invisible (if that makes sense :P)
  • This was SomeCatchyName's first page on this wiki.
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