The Slicer is a tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Tri-Angle at level 45 and cannot upgrade further. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Slicer looks like a Tri-Angle, except there are two long, thin triangular blades pointing out of the rear, next to the rear barrels.

Attack methods

Aside from doing everything the normal Tri-Angle can do, the Slicer also has a special ability, which is to quickly rotate its blades forwards, doing heavy damage to anything nearby, slicing them- hence the name. The blades deal Body Damage.

This special attack is activated by releasing the space bar or left mouse button- yes, releasing. Not pressing. The blades snap together near instantaneously, but rotating them back to their original positions takes 1 second. Until the blades are back in position, the ability cannot be activated again. Even when Auto Fire is on, the ability must be activated manually.


When compared to the Tri-Angle:

  • Movement Speed and Body Damage are increased.
  • Bullet Penetration and Damage are decreased.



Ramming is the recommended way to deal damage, as the stats reflect. Since the ability is triggered by releasing the space bar/LMB as opposed to simply pressing it, the intended way to use it is to use the Tri-Angle's speed and recoil to get close to an enemy tank, and then letting go of the space bar/LMB, thus activating the ability and snapping the blades shut right on the target. Alternatively, if one wishes to deal damage to a stationary target, usually an Alpha Pentagon, then they can simply spam the space bar/LMB. Using Auto Fire and playing more like a standard ram Tri-Angle would also work; through this way, you gain the ability to time your ability, as opposed to only using it at the end of a recoil-fueled charge.


The best way to combat this is to use heavy bullet spam, as the ability, while able to clear bullets, still has a cooldown time, and will not stand against constant bullet spam. Using other high body damage tanks like the Spike to fight it may also work, though the blades give the Slicer a range advantage. Other anti-Booster tactics should also apply.


  • The snapping blades, while present in the original idea, were removed during actually making the page. This was done out of convenience, since the Lancer was a thing, and a spinning lance was used instead. It could also charge like the Lancer, and upon the end of the charge, the lance would rotate 360 degrees around the tank, doing heavy damage to everything around it.
    • Later, The Extended Tale of Diep wanted people to submit their concepts to it, so I did, and the Slicer was made to upgrade from the Bastion as well.
      • Much later, I decided to quit EToD, and most of the Lancer aspects of the tank were abandoned in favour of the original snapping blades.
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