The Slimer is a Tier 2 tank that upgrades from Tank. It shoots 'slime' bullets that can slow down enemy tanks when hit. It may further upgrade to Slimebreaker, Twin Slimer or Slimer Flank at level 30, and when staying until level 45, can upgrade to Siteslimer, Mecha Slimer or Paintball Gun.


The Slimer features a circular body and a regular cannon, overlapped by a rectangular base with triangular cut at its corners.


The Slimer gains the ability to shoot slime bullets, which slow down enemy tank's movement for few seconds. Initially, the affected tank's movement speed will be decreased by 30%. This can be improved by investing more skills points to Bullet Penetration, adding extra 7% effect to it. The duration of the tank being slimed is initially 2 seconds, but can be increased by investing more skill points to Bullet Speed. Doing so adds 0.2 second per every point.

Slime bullets can directly slow down anything in the game except other bullets and traps, on which they can only be indirectly. With that said, if a slimed tank shoots bullets, those bullets are also slimed. However, if a slimed entity that doesn't originates from the Slimer (e.g. slime bullets) hits another entity that isn't slimed, the latter will not be slimed. Additionally, all types of ammunition except drones cannot be slowed down with the slime.

Upon upgrading to it, its Bullet Damage, as well as the base Bullet Penetration and Bullet Speed, are all slightly decreased. Other than that, nothing changes.


The Slimer heavily relies on its slowing effect to defeat other tanks, since it generally have decreased stats on the bullets. Upgrading those stats to high level can generally help the player to fight others.

The Slimer is best recommended as a support tank, although it can also be a glass cannon. The slime bullets can make the enemy tank/s' movement slower, allowing them to catch up or can be used to prevent being chased by them.

Since slimed entities don't spread to those not affected by it, a Necromancer can easily swarm up the Slimer with its square. Additionally, if a Necromancer was slimed and touched a Square to turn it into its drone, the new drone is not slimed (unless if it was already before).


  • It is one of the few tanks to use a different base that overlaps its main cannon.
    • The same type of base was also used on other tanks that upgrades to it.
  • It is one of the only Tier 2 tanks that can cause some effect on other tanks.
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