The Sling is a polygon boss tank added on 10/11/2017. Sling is based off of the normal rhombus, a parallelogram shape. The other rhombus boss is Kelvin. Sling sure acts like a slingshot, as it's fast and can kill tanks fast alike. Sling features Three Cannons, a singular Spawner, and an Auto Penta Shot Cannon.


The Sling features a specialized purple rhombus shaped tank body with different borders purely for decoration. Mounted at the back is a singular Spawner with Three Cannons mounted behind it in such a way that they look flushed together. Mounted in the middle of the Sling is an Auto Penta Shot, only otherwise seen on The Havoc II.



The Sling has 3,000 health, which if you haven't known by now, which is the same amount as the normal polygon boss health. Upon death/destruction, the Sling drops 30,000 EXP, which is the same amount as the normal polygon boss EXP normally dropped upon death, which can raise a level 1 tank to the maximum level, level 45. The Sling has a moderate health regeneration, at 10 Health if left alone for 15 seconds, which admitably is a weird amount of seconds in my own opinion. The Sling is basically rice paper when its body damage is concerned, which is the same as a Square. Yes. A Square. *Starts to giggle* I'm not even joking. This is even reflected in its speed, which is basically a piece of paper in the wind. It's speed is that of a maxed out level 8 tank... Yeah.


Each Cannon just so happens to be a Sniper cannon, with its exact maximum stats.


The Spawner has the same stats as a Battleship Spawner, spawning one Crasher at a time.

Auto Penta Shot Turret

This is why you can't really touch this thing. The Auto Penta Shot Turret (That's a mouthful to say and type) has the same stats as a Penta Shot but with one difference. Bullet Damage is increased by 2. Nothing else has changed.


  • Sling is very loosely based off of a Slingshot.
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