The Sniper-Flank is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades either from the Flank Guard or the Sniper.


The Sniper Flank technically is the same as the Flank Guard, except that both of its two barrels are larger than its predecessor.


The Sniper-Flank has the same FOV as the sniper. the reload of each cannon is different. The larger cannon has same statistics as the Sniper, so its ROF is lower than the back barrel, which has the same than the Flank Guard's. This reload difference gives it a little thrust from behind, so it can escape from dangerous battles; also, both barrels' Bullet Damage is higher. The Movement Speed is reduced, like the Bullet Penetration, but the back cannon's recoil should be enough to survive, right?


Use the Sniper strategy to keep a distance with very hard enemies. If they are too near, simply turn back and escape while you shoot; the ROF will help you with the back cannon recoil. Then, position on another place to snipe safely.


  • Literally it's like the Sniper-Assassin upgrade path: just larger cannons.
  • This is the only Tier 3 tank I (Pec110) have created for now.
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