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The Sorcerer serves as the fourth member and upgrade of the Adventurer Branch. It has been upgraded from the Basic Tank at Level 15, and can be further promoted into the Fernomage, Frostmage, or Arcanist at Level 30.


The Sorcerer is a blue circle-shaped tank with two blue semi-circles on either side of the front of the tank, holding a long rod with an orb on top.


Unlike the majority of tanks, the Sorcerer possesses magical abilities to aid himself in battle. The Sorcerer's projectiles are stronger (comparable to a Pounder bullet) than the usual ones you see, but they are harshly reduced in speed and reload. Fortunately, these magical projectiles can also do area damage if they hit something (however, if the projectile's lifetime ends, no area damage is done).

  • A direct hit will do full damage (ex. 50), whilst the area damage would be halved (ex. 25).

This makes it so the Sorcerer isn't easily overpowered by bullet-spammers, and will be able to destroy multiple bullets at once.

  • Reload is removed completely from this class, and replaced with 'Area Damage'.
  • Any stat option with 'Bullet' is replaced by 'Magic'. Health Regen, Magic Damage, and Magic Penetration are passively increased.


  • Not everything is as it seems — Upgrade to Sorcerer
Not everything is as it seems
Upgrade to Sorcerer


  • Was going to add a "Mana" ability to this tank, like the Soldier's Energy Meter, but decided to add something like that for future upgrades.
  • Design made by Anonymoususer12321.