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The Spammer(94K) is a Fanon Tier 3 Tank that evolves from Puncher and Director and further evolves into Hacker, Vandal, Necroposter, OverHacker, and Hardware. Idea by Sentinal94K. DO NOT STEAL.


From Puncher:

The cannons turn into drone spawners, making all bullet stats turn into drone stats. It now has 10 mini-drones.

From Director:

It gains another small spawner, thus making 5 more mini-drones for the player. Reload is increased.


Strong Against: Auto tanks, snipers, tanks with low RoF

Weak Against: Anything not listed above

As The Tank:

  • Block snipers with your drones while killing them
  • Use it like an Overlord

Against The Tank:

  • Treat it as if it were a director with 10 drones.


  • It is the only tank in the game in the game to use mini-drones, other than Hacker.
  • It is also the only Puncher branch tank to use drones, apart from it's evolutions.
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