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As well as the normal polygons in Diep.io, there are a few special ones. Usually they are different because they do something special when they die. But some, like the Death Pentagon, are special because of why they spawn. Either way, they are on this page so I'll end this intro here. Actually here.

Death Pentagon

Upon death in the land of Diep.io, if you have lived a life worth remembering, you may leave a mark on the world, whether it be rewarding them with strength, with points or with stats, through a special polygon called a Death Pentagon.

Death Pentagons are black in colour, and behave exactly like Blue Pentagons, with the same damage, but triple the health. They give 2,000 points to whoever destroys them. They spawn whenever a tank from level 30-44 dies, and they spawn at the exact spot of death.

Alpha Death Pentagon

That may seem quite boring, but what this section is really about is Alpha Death Pentagons (ADPs). ADPs spawn when a Level 45 tank dies, and are as big as normal Alpha Pentagons. They will not spawn at the death of Motherships, Mini-Bosses, Dominators etc. - only at the death of normal player controlled Level 45 tanks. In all game modes, one of the three natural auras will also be created, depending on the tank's nature (this Aura will last as long as it takes to destroy the ADP), as well an Aura of Mourning.

Upon destroying an ADP, an random one-time Aura will be given to the tank who destroys it, for a one time use. As well as that, the tank will get one extra stat point for every 100k points the tank had (max 2 points per ADP).

Please note that no matter how many points the dead tank had, their ADPs will look exactly the same, UNLESS:

  • If a tank with over 500,000 points dies, the ADP is entirely invisible, and will only be seen while taking damage.

Drone Hive

Not to be confused with Zathsu's Drone Hive idea, found here.

Drone Hives appear in all game modes. They are slightly larger and have a more orange hue than yellow squares, with as much health as a red triangle. When killed, they spawn 6 Killer Drones which will chase whoever killed the Drone Hive. Drone Hives give no experience when killed, but they are 5 times rarer than Blue Pentagons.

Killer Drone

Killer Drones are yellow triangles with as much health and damage as a maxed Overlord's drone. They are much faster, about as fast as the Protectors in your base in Team DM. They give 400 points when killed. If the tank that they are chasing dies, they will return to wherever their Drone Hive was destroyed, and circle it like Protectors do in Team DM. They will chase whoever comes close and always return to the same spot, until they die.

Infected Pentagon

There is a 5% chance that any blue pentagon spawned (incl. Pentagon Nest) will instead be an Infected Pentagon. Infected Pentagons have half the HP (but the same damage) of a normal pentagon, and they award no XP. Instead, upon destruction, an Aura of Weakness or Sickness will spawn where it dies. Alpha Pentagons cannot be infected.

Stat Square

Stat Squares look very similar to normal squares, and they move in the same way too. However, they are 4-6 times larger, and also, they're invisible. Not entirely invisible, but still hard to spot. Damage doesn't dispel their invisibility either. They have 5 times the HP of a Blue Pentagon and if it doesn't get shot at for 1 second, it will begin regenerating extremely fast, so you really need to aim at one of these to destroy one. Upon destruction they award you with 1000 XP and an extra stat point, making it possible to have over 33 stat points by the time you reach Level 45.

Gold Polygon

Gold Polygons are created using an Aura of Treasure. Any polygons in an Aura of Treasure turn permanently a golden yellow in colour. They have 10x HP and award 10x XP. However, none of the other polygons on this page can turn gold. Gold Pentagons, yes, only pentagons, give you an Aura of Treasure, which means it is kind of possible to create a gold polygon farm.


  • Death Pentagons are the first black entities in the game.
  • It is possible to get more than the current maximum of 33 stat points, by destroying Alpha Death Pentagons or Stat Squares.
  • Created by SomeCatchyName.