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The Sperptendecim is one of the many additions to the polygon boss category, and might just be the one with the largest page when I completely finish. Sperptendecim was added into my own little world on 3/7/2018, and is a gigantic polygon boss that should probably separated into its own category just because of its battle. Sperptendecim is basically a rule breaker, it isn't technically a boss, but its a spaceship with a gigantic overworld inside of it. On the outside, Sperptendecim features a gigantic weapon selection, including modified version of a Flank Guard Auto Turrets, Fortress Auto Turrets, and Shields.



Sperptendecim, on the outside, features a gigantic pink Seventeen Sided polygon, a Heptadecagon, and each side has a shield, which has a dark pink color. On 5 Separate sides, there are Flank Guard Auto Turrets, and mounted on top of the massive Spaceship like tank are three separate Auto Fortresses with extra Cannons mounted on top of the regular turrets.


After the gargantuan Sperptendecim has been fully taken down in Phase 2, one of the panels open and you can enter. What is seen is that the Map changed into the layout of the inside. The basic layout are Six rooms, five that you can traverse only clockwise, which will take you to separate bosses, and the sixth in the center after all of the bosses have been defeated, leading to the last boss.


To grasp the size of this thing, take the Background Grid and have a point be the origin in a coordinate graph. Add an Alpha Pentagon and have the center be at the origin. Then, dilate the Alpha Pentagon by around 75%; Basically have the thing be the size of a FFA server. There is a reason why it only spawns in Exploration.

The Battle

Phase 1

At the beginning, Sperptendecim will wander around the map at an insanely slow fashion, kinda like a floating Fortress. Nothing special happens at all in this phase, other than attacks. All you need to do is to shoot the shields until each one of the seventeen shields break.
Between each attack, Sperptendecim will fire normally with each weapon firing with their respective stats, either clockwise or counterlockwise; It doesn't matter which direction is goes. Its one or the other depending on RNG. Also, before an attack takes place, each weapon stops firing for at least One Second.

Very Unoriginal Attacks

  • Whirlpool: Each of the Fl No.


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