The Spikeball is a polygon that can spawn randomly in maps, like any other polygon. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Spikeball features a green circle body, with 8 stout green spikes evenly distributed around the body.

Technical details

The Spikeball has a low 70 health, as expected of Polygons. It is also slightly rarer than a Triangle, but more common than a Pentagon. However, don't let it's small size and low health fool you; it has the body damage of a 10/10/10/10 Spike.


Never, EVER try to ram a Spikeball. Not only will it kill you, some other tank may come by and shoot the Spikeball and destroy it, making your efforts a waste. It is highly recommended to shoot it all the way until death, as even the slightest bit of contact can waste you.


  • My first polygon.
  • Also called a "Cactus" due to its colouration.
  • Partially inspired by the Viruses in
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