The Spinner is a Tier 2 tank that upgrades from the Basic Tank at level 15. It can further upgrade into the Helix, Orbiter, Curvestack, Spinner Flank, or Rotator. Idea by Diepmon.


The Spinner is a tank with two barrels like a Twin's, but the barrels are half as wide and don't point straight ahead. Instead, they point towards the sides but aren't as long.


The Spinner fires out Auto Turret sized bullets (which are larger than Gunner bullets, but only slightly larger), and they move in a DNA-like pattern. Each of the barrels have 25% more reload than the Basic Tank's bullets and do 25% less damage, like a Machine Gun.


  • First Tier 2 tank that was created by me and is an original idea, not one that was imported from Zathsu's ideas.
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