The Splitter is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades at Level 30 from the Machine Gun and upgrades to the Grapeshot.


The Splitter looks exactly like the Destroyer except for a small trapezoid base overlapping the barrel.



Upon upgrading to the Splitter, Bullet Size, Penetration, and Damage are all heavily increased, while Bullet Speed and Reload are significantly decreased.


The Splitter's bullet sequence (in sped up form).

The Splitter's bullets differ from the Destroyer's in that 1 second after firing, the bullet splits into two smaller bullets (about the size of a Level 45 bullet with maxed stats). One second later, both of these bullets split into two smaller bullets (about the size of a Level 30 bullet with good stats). One second later, all four bullets split into two still smaller bullets (about the size of a Level 15 bullet with adequate stats). One second later, these bullets die.


Splitter Frame.png

As the Splitter

  • The Splitter is very good at close-ranges (like the Destroyer). One good hit and the target is out. Unlike the Destroyer, however, it is also good at long range. Players can use the splitting effect to create a cloud of bullets with a very high chance of scoring at least one hit, even at long range.
  • The Splitter is decent against multiple enemies due to its splitting bullets.
  • Thanks to the Splitter's high recoil, players can quickly move around the map.
  • Unlike the Destroyer, the Splitter is a decent farming tank.
  • The Splitter is pretty decent against long-range threats like the Ranger and Obscurer, due to its splitting bullets.

Against the Splitter

  • At close range, the same principles players use when attacking a Destroyer apply—don't approach to ram it, attack from long range, and avoid the big bullets. However, the Splitter is somewhat different as it is still somewhat dangerous at long range. If the Splitter is skilled, it can wear down players.
  • Drone classes should beware of the Splitter. At close ranges, the Splitter's bullets can cut through the Drones, while at long ranges, the Splitter can pummel the player through its splitting bullets.


  • My first tank conception!
  • Originally had a FTB image.
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