The Sprayblaster is one of the many current Tier 4 upgrades from the Flank Guard (Lv 45) and the Gunner tanks. The Sprayblaster may not upgrade any further as it is at the end of its upgrade line. A conception by Enigmium and Tacocat247, DO NOT STEAL.


The Sprayblaster features a circular tank body as a base with a Cannon mounted at the front of the tank, and the back of the tank. On each of Cannons, are four small Gunner Cannons mounted onto them.


From Flank Guard

The Sprayblaster adds Four small guns on the front and back Cannons. The Gunner Cannons have 60% less Bullet Damage and Penetration, and 60% more Reload and Bullet Speed. The recoil is equal on all sides as the weapons are the same.

From Gunner

The Sprayblaster elongates and decreases the Cannon size, and mirrors it. A Cannon is added to the front and the back. The Gunner Cannons have 10% less Bullet Damage and Penetration, and 10% more Reload and Bullet speed. The recoil is equal on all sides as the weapons are the same.


As the Sprayblaster

  • Low level Tanks and Slow Tanks are at a large disadvantage against the Sprayblaster. The Player should attack the tanks by simply aiming at the enemy. Nine times out of Ten, the enemy will perish.
  • The Sprayblaster also does well in multiple teams as well, being able to protect a team from both sides with an impressive bullet spam ability.
  • Enemy Auto Tanks can be defeated easily by locking onto them, and keeping a firm grasp on shooting. Auto Gunners are more of a pain, but can also be defeated by the force of the front or back Cannons.
  • Most Area Denial tanks will have a hard time against a Sprayblaster. The only real exception is Penta Shot. Since Area Denial tanks are more of an all around basis instead of more focused like a Sprayblaster, then the player can easily kill most Area Denial tanks.
  • The Smashers are usually known to be slow moving rammers. Since the bullets of a Sprayblaster are quickly damaging, the player has an easy time against enemy Smasher based tanks.

Against the Sprayblaster

  • If the player is a part of the Destroyer branch, and by extension, the Heavy branch, you are in luck against the Sprayblaster. Your large bullet can outpenetrate the spam from the enemy Sprayblaster.
  • If the player is a Shifter, you can kill the Sprayblaster with ease. Use your teleporting ability to disorient the Sprayblaster and kill it. It'll take longer if the enemy is more skilled than you, but it's a viable option against a Sprayblaster.
  • The Tri-Angle branch is a great choice against the Sprayblaster. The Fighter in particular can kill one easily. Use the speed to your advantage. The Sprayblaster will eventually slip up, and you can kill it. Just avoid the regular sized bullets.


  • If added, it'll probably severely wreck some strong tanks in the game, but be defeated by weaker tanks. IE, it can theoretically kill Overlord with ease, while it will most likely die against a Booster.
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