The Spreadgun (Machine Gun II) was a removed Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Machine Gun, that has been re-added. It may further upgrade into Flamethrower, Sprayer, Spread Shot, or Annihilator.


The Spreadgun featured a circular base with a large trapezoid style turret on the front. It is identical to the Machine Gun in terms of design.


The Spreadgun increased the base Bullet Damage and Bullet Speed. The spread also generally decreased, essentially turning the tank into a semi-focused fire tank. It is basically the Machine Gun but enhanced.


As the Spreadgun

  • Stay away from tanks with fast and sudden Bullets, like Sniper upgrades that are not the Overseer and its upgrades.
  • Never approach the summoning Classes unless aware of how to handle them.
  • Try to focus more offensively as a Spreadgun.

Against the Spreadgun

  • Use a long range tank, and take them out by surprise.
  • Use another Spreadgun, and max out your Bullet Damage and Penetration, as well as your Reload if you want a real edge over them.
  • Use Drones and surround them.
  • Use a Triplet or Penta Shot, as you can spam out a ton of Bullets at them.
  • Do not go up to a Spreadgun with a Level 45 Basic Tank, even with Bullet stats maxed out.


  • This is basically Machine Gun II but enhanced.
  • Some info is from The Wikia
  • It has another name, Fusilier.
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