NOTE: SOON TO BE RECONSTRUCTED. The Squadron of Insanity is a group of bosses. They spawn when the Armageddon event happens. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Squadron is composed of 7 bosses, namely Terror, Apathy, Chaos, Wrath, Decay, Greed, and Agony. They serve as the embodiment of various forces of destruction, from physical to psychological. They also serve as the henchmen of Platinis, the leader of a similarly composed group of bosses.


When Panzer was sealed away in the Void, there was much unrest during the Dormancy period. It was in such massive quantity that they were able to congregate into a solid, living form. A form that took on the appearance of what caused this massive unrest: The Tanks. Initially, there were six; one formed from their fear, one from the Tanks' desire for conquest, another from the anger of Panzer himself from the Void, yet another from their cruelty towards their own maker, one from the mass unrest of all thing in the Realm, and one from the deterioration of the Realm itself. They reigned the Realm for this Dormancy period until the Middle Era, where they knew that they had to lay low. And so they did.

However, once the Cult of Panzer and the Tank Empire began to clash, as well as the Polygon Disciples interfering, they sensed again a time of unrest. And so they again started to attempt to take over. However, they had not expected the Cult to attempt to capture them for their own gain. They had sent a large mechanical thing whose technological level far surpassed what the Squadron was expecting to capture them. Said mechanical thing succeeded in his job, and was rewarded with full control of this band of living pain. He dubbed them the Squadron of Insanity.

More recently, in the heat of war, a newer, seventh being emerged from the pain of everybody- the Cult, the Tank Empire, the Polygons, all of them. This one had no loyalty to anybody; only his brethren. Unfortunately for him, that still means he has to associate with the Cult against his will. Thus the insanity increases further...


As mentioned above, the Squadron only spawns during the Armageddon event, twice. For the first time, each member will spawn in a certain region of the Realm, They must be beaten for Armageddon to be stopped.

For the second time they spawn, they will be advancing towards Imperium, with different fight mechanics. See their individual pages for more information.



  • Titanititan's technological level isn't really that high; The Squad were just looking at the tanks instead of Dr. Lacus.
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