The Stabber is a tank that upgrades from the Navigator at level 45. It may not further upgrade. Idea by TheGunner123.


It is a circle, not a rounded square, with a spike at the front. It also has a brown dot on the top.


  • It has the same charging mechanic as the Lancer. However, the brown liquid inside it can be injected into a tank, like the Renderer's. The brown liquid takes effect after the person who got injected dies. The liquid makes the tank turn into an electricity socket which actually benefits all Lancer type tanks. They can shove their spikes into the socket and it will give them a longer charging time. The liquid area takes 20 seconds to refill.
  • It can also shoot the brown stuff out the front of its spike. It will be its team colour.
  • Right click to charge and inject.
  • Upon death, it will leave behind the brown liquid which will stay until something touches it. The effect is the same as injection.


  • I finally found out how to crop other pictures and put them on it!
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