The Stagner is a polygon Boss added on 10/4/2017. Stagner is one of the few generation 2.5 Bosses. Stagner is a tough Boss to beat. I think you can tell from its ridiculous design. I mean look at that thing! Stagner *giggles from previous comment* has Two Auto Twin Flank guns, and Two Machine Guns.

Turntable only spawns in gamemodes with Teams.


Stagner weirdly features a normal circular tank body, but with two light orange lightbulb shapes attached to its sides. On the front and back are Two Machine Guns, and on the light orange lightbulb shapes are an Auto Twin Flank Turret.


Stagner is a very strange Boss to fight. Very strange. It's behavior makes little to no sense, its weapon combination is weird, and its attacks are weird.


1. Hatchet, but it's powered by Google+

  • Stagner, if it gets close to a tank, rotates extremely fast 5 times in a second, 20 times total.

2. A Quintuple A Battery

  • Stagner moves backwards from its opponent, and the Machine Guns fire 5 Batteries.

3. Republican Party, Democratic Party, MARIO PARTY

  • Stagner flashes all the colors of the rainbow. Stagner regains HP and is invincible for this time.

4. Support for Erebu

  • Stagner shoots explosive "Popcorn Di Erebu" bags, that explode into popcorn, that explodes. Only happens when Erebu is also in the same server.

5. Double O Something

  • Stagner gains a massive reload buff for its machine guns, and basically shoots like a Flamethrower.


  • My weirdest boss thus far.
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