The Stalemate is a 2nd generation Boss Tank added on September 3, 2017. Stalemate is not a dual boss, unlike the Black Blizzard, or the Ultraviolet. Stalemate has a unique combination of a dual Auto Turret, Spawners, and Reflectors, making it an Offensive and Defensive foe.


The Stalemate by itself

Stalemate features a Dark Blue square body with a Spawner mounted on the sides, a Flank Guard Auto Turret mounted on the top, and a Reflector mounted onto the front, and the back.



Stalemates that spawn are spawned with 25 dark blue Crashers that, if destroyed, respawn from the Stalemate's Spawners. Like the White Whirlwind's drones, they attack the top 10 players. Their speed is that of a level 8 tank with maximum Movement Speed.


Stalemate has about 4,500 health, with the movement speed of a level 45 tank with 2 movement speed.


1. Strike

  • The Flank Guard Auto Turret pops off of the tank, and acts like an indestructible flank guard for 10 seconds.

2. Shell

  • The reflectors come off of the tank, and extend into a Circular shield that cannot be destroyed for 30 seconds.

3. Stall

  • The Stalemate's drones surround enemy tanks, so they can't move until they destroy the drones. The Stalemate's hp goes up by a fifth while this attack is in play.

4. Micro-Flash

  • The Stalemate suddenly turns into a bright blue shade, and a ring of 20 destroyer bullets is fired out from the Stalemate. If a tank is hit, it always takes away half of its current HP, and gives it to the Stalemate.

5. Disguise

  • The Stalemate disguises itself, albeit very badly, as a Summoner.

6. Stalactite

  • The spawners pop off, becoming triangles that spawn battleship drones out of each side. This lasts for a minute

How to Pacifist

Stalemate is one of the few bosses you can pacifist. All you have to do is to attack the Spawners during the Stalactite attack, each one having 900 HP. When they are defeated, another pair of Spawners appear on Stalemate, she spins, then disappears.


  • Image Created by ItzDracius, and page crated by Tacocat247
  • Stalemate is a cool name :)
  • Stalemate trained The Magic Highway.
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