Starships are a category of enemies and bosses that spawn in Cosmic Mode. There are many, many different variations.


Starships make up the main offensive enemies in Cosmic Mode. While other enemies do exist, they are not nearly as dangerous as some of the stuff listed here. Different Starships have different functions, as one would expect. Thus, they have different AI and moving trajectories. Most Starships feature a white triangular hull with a Spawner that spews flames (see the one on Pyroking) on the back of it, but some may be different. Back Spawners shall be referred to as Engines. Unless otherwise specified, guns on Starships have no recoil. Most of them also have the speed of a provoked Crasher.

Most Starships, when engaging in combat, fly into a suitable range (usually ~10 background tiles) and circle their target. Whether they circle them clockwise or counterclockwise is chosen after calculating the number of other threats near the target. Starships designed to ram will charge directly at their target unless they are low on health. Most Starships retreat away from threats or near a Medic Ship when low on health.

There is a 2.5% chance for a Starship to not die when it hits 0 health. (not Starship Bosses though.) It will turn blue, and the player will assume control over it, as if it was a Dominator. This is called "Overriding" and is not voluntary, and if it happens, it happens whether you like it or not. Normal Starships will fight Overridden Starships, and Overridden Starships can fight each other due to the lack of teams.

Types of Starships

Warning: WIP, we plan to add more variants.

Gunner Ships

Gunner Ships have 2 Auto Turrets on each side of the hull, and have 1 Auto Turret on top of the hull. They have 800 health and reward 500 XP.

Heavy Ships

Heavy Ships have 2 Destroyer turrets on each side of the hull. They have 1000 health and reward 700 XP.

Stealth Ships

Stealth Ships have one Stalker barrel, 1 Auto Turret on top of the hull, some metal plates on the edges of the hull, and can turn invisible. They have 600 health, but take 30% less damage and, once in a while, can turn invisible for 10 seconds, where nothing can hurt it. Stealth Ships reward 1000 XP.

Fighter Ships

Fighter Ships have 2 Lances sticking out of the sides, a set of Twin barrels in the front and feature 2 Engines instead of the usual 1. Hoo boy, this is one of the tougher ones. They have 1000 health, 1.5x the usual speed and reward 1500 XP.

Kamikaze Ships

Kamikaze Ships have 3 engines and nothing else. They have 2000 health and when they come into contact into a player, they explode, immediately destroying themselves and doing damage worth their health before exploding to nearby players. They do not explode if destroyed normally and they reward 1500 XP ONLY if they are destroyed normally. They also have 2x normal speed.

Bomber Ships

Bomber Ships have 4 Trap Launchers facing forward and 1 top-mounted Destroyer turret. They have 1250 health and reward 1000 XP.

Light Support Ships

Light Support Ships have 2 engines and 4 Battleship spawners. They have 750 health and reward 800 XP. They like to hide behind other Starships and have 1.5x the usual speed.

Heavy Support Ships

Heavy Support Ships, unlike other ships are Square shaped and have 1 engine, 4 Battleship spawners on the sides and a set of Streamliner barrels facing the front. They have 2000 health and reward 2000 XP. These Starships, unlike their light counterparts, like to charge right in battle, shielding others.

Medic Ships

Medic Ships have a large red + symbol on them and have 2 normal Auto Turrets on the sides. Every 3 seconds, Medic Ships will release a green wave that heals all Starships in a 10 background tile radius for 100 health. They have 1750 health and reward 2000 XP.


Autoships have 6 Auto Turrets on each of their non-engine sides and 3 on the top. They have 1000 heath and reward 1250 EXP.


Carriers are Pentagon-shaped, have 2 engines on 2 adjacent sides and on the other 3 sides are Factory Minion Spawners. Carriers have a maximum drone limit of 18, 2000 health, 1.5x speed and reward 2400 XP. They like to stay behind the backs of other Starships and send most of their minions outwards while keeping some for defense.


Disablers have 1 Predator Barrel that crackles with electricity. When a Disabler hits something, that something will be unable to fire any weaponry for 5 seconds. They have 1600 health and reward 1750 XP.

Tactical Colliders

Tactical Colliders have an armoured front and a large engine that resembles a Skimmer barrel instead of a Spawner. While its usual speed is still normal, once in a while it will stop spewing flames for half a second. Then, a HUGE burst of fire is ejected and this creates massive recoil, hurling the Tactical Collider frontwards and usually into a tank. They have 2500 health and reward 2500 XP.

Planetary Destroyer Ships

These ships are slow and have but one engine and a mere 500 health. However, their single massive cannon fires a bullet twice as big and three times as powerful as an Annihilator's. Bullet Speed is only slightly less, although Reload is abysmal. This Starship awards 1200 XP.


Freighters carry no weapons, and thus deal no damage at all. They have 4 engines, 3 times the normal speed and 3000 health. Destroying them gives 4000 XP, but doing so will alert every Starship to your location and they will prioritize your destruction before anyone else's.

Warp Ships

Warp Ships are somewhat unstable, featuring the technology of teleportation. They have 1000 health, 2 engines that create blue fire instead of red, and a Vulcan barrel setup at the front. When attacked, they immediately teleport away to another place near the attacker, and attack there. The teleportation has a 10-second cooldown time, and Warp Ships reward 2000 XP.

Starship Bosses

Some Starships have been upgraded to such a level that they can be considered bosses. While not as strong as the Zodiac, they are still a force to be reckoned with—many of them eclipse normal Diep bosses.

Space Guardian

Space Guardians are what happens when a Guardian attempts to spawn into the arena. Due to a purposeful glitch, the Guardian always spawns right next to a Red Sun. The Guardian will explode with a flash of red light, and become a Space Guardian!

Space Guardians have a thin, pink isosceles triangle body (as opposed to the short fat equilateral ones seen on normal Guardians), 3 Engines in the rear, and 10 Meteor Cannons, 5 on each side. Meteor Cannons look like brown Auto Turrets and rapidly shoot Meteors at tanks, with the reload rate of an Arena Closer. While each Meteor is fairly weak, the combination of high rate of fire, numerous cannons, and high projectile speed make it a very dangerous foe.

Space Guardians have 5000 health and reward 50000 XP when destroyed. They tend to behave like regular Guardians, but instead of Crashers, they shoot Meteors at targets instead. Once defeated, the Space Guardian will revert to a normal Guardian and run away, escaping back into the central black hole. Said Guardian, when running away, does not attack tanks and cannot be hurt.

Cosmic Carrier

The Cosmic Carrier is the replacement for the Summoner in Cosmic Mode. While its old Mothership body may seem outdated, its capability of summoning and spawning in masses of armies is nearly unrivaled in the galaxy, and it underwent several upgrades in order to become much more of a threat than before...

The Cosmic Carrier has a red Mothership body, as mentioned above. However, it also has something that its predecessors would not be seen dead in. A massive laser turret (which resembles a Ranger) has been installed on the top of the Cosmic Carrier, and one shot is more than enough to destroy a few Dwarf Planets on its own. It also has 2 Torpedo launchers mounted on its front, and 3 engines on its back, the middle one being larger than the other 2. These three engines propel it to a fairly high speed.

The Cosmic Carrier constantly spawns a wide array of Mothership Drones, Necromancer Drones, Factory Drones, and Partisans which are used with great effect to soak up damage for itself or other Starships, and to do heavy damage to attackers. Factory Drones look exactly like a level 45 Tank and they have all bullet stats maxed out, but are quite slow. Necromancer Drones are noticeably bigger than normal and they also do double the damage and have 300 health each. They are mainly used to form shields around allies and protect them. Mothership Drones and Partisans are mainly deployed as defensive rings around the Cosmic Carrier that tear apart anything that dares come close. Due to the difficulty of this fight, it rewards a whopping 80000 XP when destroyed.


The Sanctuary is the replacement for the Defender in Cosmic Mode. Its defensive capabilities are so notoriously powerful even the heaviest bullet fire fails to out-penetrate it. With just about everything defensive in its arsenal, it truly lives up to its name—a place of safety, refuge or protection.

It very vaguely resembles a normal Defender, with a red triangle body and 3 Vulcan Auto Turrets on it. Instead of 3 Trap launchers, it instead features 8 Trapper Turrets mounted on 2 of 3 sides. The third is reserved for 1 giant engine. However, its main feature is the large force field generator, mounted between the Vulcan turrets. It is a white Pentagon that generates a large red circular force field that has the properties of a Base without its Protectors, which means Starships that seek refuge in it are completely invincible. Unlike the actual Bases however, the force field has 10000 health, and once depleted, takes 1 minute to fully regenerate. The force field then reactivates. Otherwise, it regenerates at 50 health per second.

The Sanctuary's behaviour is simple: It goes near damaged groups of Starships and shields them from harm, whilst firing on enemies. Once destroyed (or should we say, if destroyed), the Sanctuary rewards 50000 XP.

Scourge of Seven Thousand Systems

The Scourge of Seven Thousand Systems is the replacement for the Fallen Booster in Cosmic Mode. However, it packs an arguably much bigger punch that that. Equipped with every tool necessary for a quick and overwhelming raid, it deals heavy damage without taking it. Feared throughout the galaxy, it is truly a scourge of systems...

The Scourge spawns near the outskirts of the occupied map with the message "The Scourge of space is loose once more..." and tends to go for isolated groups of tanks/single tanks. If it begins to suffer heavy damage, however, it soon beings to retreat, as its attack strategy is to surprise tanks, not to outright slaughter them.

It has two engines at the back of its dark red triangular body. Its armament is three maxed Cannons in the front (set up in Triple Shot-esque fashion), two Partisan Spawners on either side of the middle, and two Auto Turrets on the body near the engine. It can also, when it so chooses, ram players, but it prefers to hit and run, since ramming involves losing health.

Due to its high speed, powerful bullets, fast drones, and often-underestimated auto cannons, the Scourge can surprise and overwhelm a group of several Tier 4 tanks in seconds. However, if surrounded and penned in by bullet spamming tanks, even its 3000 Health will soon give way, awarding the winner 60000 XP.

The Dreadnought of Darkness

The Dreadnought of Darkness is the replacement for the Fallen Overlord in Cosmic Mode. It's faster, tougher, darker, and a whole lot better armed. Its mighty fleets of Drones simply cut through all resistance, leaving behind the darkness of outer space...

The Dreadnought is very similar in design to a Fallen Booster, except that its main spawners are much, much bigger and on either side of each one is a smaller spawner. The center of the tank holds a very large Auto Turret. The Auto Turret fires fast and powerful projectiles similar to those of a maxed Basic Tank. The smaller drone spawners fire very fast Drones which look like really, really big Partisans and deal a correspondingly much higher damage. Although they die a few seconds after spawning, their high spawn rate makes them a significant danger. The larger spawners release immense Drones (bigger than Pentagons) which deal insane damage and have over 300 health. After this health pool is defeated, they split into eight standard Drones, which instantly attack the player who killed the mega drone.

This weighty firepower enables the Dreadnought to quickly defeat most tanks in a heartbeat. Its attack strategy is to do just that, although in a rather complex way... It tends to send a mega drone towards a tank. To stop the tank from simply retreating or dodging it, the Dreadnought pulses dozens of drones from its mini spawners. At that point, the tank will either get killed by the "miniature" drones or will get killed when the mega drone splits. Either way, the Dreadnought adds another kill to an already long list...

The Dreadnought spawns in the most crowded area of the map with the message "A dreadnought, full of darkness, is now on the loose" and strikes repeatedly until all of its 6000 health is gone, at which point it is sucked into a black hole and rewards 70,000 XP to the lucky player who killed it. At this point, the Dreadnought is no more, but you can be sure that it will return...



  • NO variant of Starship uses normal Drones. Partisans, Factory Minions or Crashers at most, but never normal Drones.
    • Only one Starship Boss uses them, that being the Dreadnought of Darkness.
  • The name for the Dreadnought of Darkness is partially Tacocat247's idea.
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