The Stat Engineer is a tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Engineer, Healer, or Repairer. Its tier 4 will be released soon.


Th Stat Engineer is the size of a level 30 Tank. It has a wrench head, screwdriver, and one auto turret. It has a stat upgrade button that is a mix of all the stat colors.


The Stat Engineer can upgrade the stats of turrets made by the Engineer. The only difference is that movement speed affects the speed that the turret's Cannon turns at. A max level speed turret can turn 360° in half a second, while a level 0 speed turret can turn 360° In 2 seconds. The auto turret has the damage and reload of a level 1 Tank.


A Stat Engineer upgrading turret with no stat upgrades.


  • The Wrench and the Scredriver are updated, more smooth versions of the Engineer and the Repairer.
  • This was the First Tank made by MickxGold that had a perfectly round circle body.
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