The Steamroller is one of the current Tier 4 upgrade options from the Destroyer and the Assassin branches. The Steamroller may not upgrade any further as it is at the end of its tank branch. A Collab between Enigmium and Tacocat247, DO NOT STEAL.


The Steamroller features a circular tank body as a base with a large Cannon mounted at the front that is nicknamed the "Buster Cannon," which is exclusive to this tank.


The Steamroller should be considered as a Sniper Destroyer. From Destroyer, FoV and Bullet Speed increase to a slightly nerfed Assassin while its bullet damage decreases as a drawback.


  • Strong Against: Drone tanks, Rammers, High DPS tanks
  • Weak Against: Annihilators, Factorys, Auto Tanks, Multiple Tanks.

Attack the tanks listed in strong against but avoid the Tanks listed in weak Against AT ALL COSTS!!! To avoid them, just keep on shooting and using your recoil to get away from them.

I sucked at making explanations. I still do, don't I?


  • This tank has the quickest bullet in the Destroyer tank branch.
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