The Storm of Drones is a potent boss that can be found in Ultra Boss Mode, although it has a 1% chance of spawning in other Team modes. It is extremely tough and uses only Drones to attack. The game does not end when it is killed. While it features many powerful Drone attacks, it is certainly not Lord of Drones, a title which goes to the Elemental Dronavin.


The Storm of Drones has a circular body with three Battleship-style Drone Spawners on either side. On both the top and bottom, it has a single Factory-style Minion Spawner. Lastly, it has four Overlord-style Drone Spawners placed in the gaps between the Battleship and Factory Spawners.


The Storm of Drones has a wide variety of attack choices.


Its primary weapons are its Drones.

  • The Battleship-Style Drones operate in two different fleets, targeting any tanks within a medium distance from the Storm. They last for four seconds, are very fast, and have better Damage and Health than a maxed Battleship's Drones. There can be a (theoretically) infinite number.
  • The Factory-Style Drones orbit the Storm, providing close range support. They both fire at any nearby tanks and slam into rammers. There can be up to twelve. They are slow, but extremely high in Damage, Penetration/Health, and Reload.
  • The Overlord-Style Drones operate in four fleets of eight, each of which is replenished by one Spawner. Just one Spawner creates Drones as fast as an Overlord. These Drones generally attack distant targets and have immense Health and Damage, plus very good Speed.


The Storm of Drones is a weapon itself. Although very slow, its 100,000 Health and 50 Body Damage make it dangerous to any rammers. With a Field of View covering the entire map, the Storm of Drones can send Drones to attack tanks far away. However, its main weakness is its minuscule health regen—1 hit point a second (unless unattacked for two minutes, when it improves to 50 a second).


As the Storm of Drones loses health, it summons extra-deadly special attacks.

  • At 90,000 Health Points, it turns all Squares on the map into Summoner-style Drones, teleports them to the map's center, and sends them out in a 360° claw. Any new Squares they touch become Drones as well. After the claw is completed, the Drones return to itself and are used until they all are killed (at this point, new Squares cannot be infected).
  • At 80,000 Health Points, the Storm does the same as above, just with Triangles.
  • At 70,000 Health Points, the Storm does the same as above, just with Pentagons.
  • At 60,000 Health Points, the Storm becomes five times as fast and rams into players for two minutes.
  • At 50,000 Health Points, all tanks lose half of their remaining life.
  • At 40,000 Health Points, the Storm turns invisible for two minutes. Even its Health Bar vanishes, though the Drones are still visible. This lasts for two minutes.
  • At 30,000 Health Points, the Storm creates 10 fleets of 100 small Crashers each, which attack players until killed.
  • At 20,000 Health Points, the Storm's Drones have doubled Reload, Speed, Damage, and Health. This lasts for two minutes.
  • At 10,000 Health Points, the Storm takes command of all other Drones existing in the game and brings them to itself. Players can spawn new drones which will not be controlled by the Storm.
  • At 0 Health Points, the Storm explodes in a cloud of shattered drones.


The player who did the final shot to the Storm of Drones receives 80,000 XP. Players who did 5,000+ damage get 20,000 XP. Everyone else who helped (did 500+ damage) gets 4,000 XP. Also, 1 damage dealt = 1 XP.


  • The design of the Factory Spawners used are those of the Factory from This is done for the sole purpose of differentiation. Function-wise, they behave more like those on the original Factory.
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