This was created by Aliant AB, if you see him in game and enjoyed this page, do not kill him. DO NOT DELETE Design

The Stormgarden looks like a Annihilator, smells like a Annihilator, and is an Annihilator with a different name -and two auto turrets-.


The Stormgarden works like an Annihilator as said before so lets focus on the auto turrets, like any other auto turrets they prioritize tanks over polygons, unlike other auto turrets they target weaker tanks more than stronger ones. Those are left to the player and the heavy gun to destroy beacause auto turrets can not beat a Battleship in 1-on-1 combat, because auto turrets aren,t meant to do that. They just aren,t.


Strong Against: See Annihilator

Weak Against: See Annihilator


  • This was supposed to be a tier 3 upgrade from Auto 3
  • Was desingned by not Aliant AB
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