The Streamtwinliner is a Tier 5 tank that upgrades at Level 60 from either the Streamliner or the Triplet.


The Streamtwinliner looks like a combination of a Streamliner and a Twin, with its twin Streamliner cannons.



Upon upgrading to the Streamtwinliner, stats stay mostly the same, except for a slight decrease in Reload. Of course, the number of barrels increases to more than compensate for this. Also, compared with the Triplet, FoV, Bullet Speed, and Reload increase, while Bullet Penetration and Damage decrease.


Streamtwinliner Frame

As the Streamtwinliner

  • Use the high recoil to move quickly around the map.
  • Bait rammers—thanks to the knock-back of the ten cannons, they won't stand a chance of getting a successful ram, while the Streamtwinliner deals damage by the bucket.
  • Avoid Overseer classes if possible. They can easily penetrate the Streamtwinliner's defense.
  • This tank is strong against Trapper classes, since, thanks to all the bullets, at least some are sure to penetrate the trap wall.
  • The Streamtwinliner is also good against Destroyers, since the continual bullet fire starts dealing damage quick. All the player needs to do is (1) keep on firing and (2) avoid Destroyer bullets.

Against the Streamtwinliner

  • Trappers and Destroyers should avoid the Streamtwinliner when possible.
  • Rammers should only engage when they see a distinct opportunity and should be ready to pull out as soon as it is apparent that they can't win.
  • Snipers should attack the Streamtwinliner, but only from long range, from which they can pound it into oblivion.
  • Overseer classes should attack, but with caution: the Streamtwinliner can do massive amounts of damage in a short space of time.
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