Strike Mode is... could you call it a gamemode? We guess you could. Created by Fall Out Wave and Captain Hayden.


In the winter of Diep Year 526, the brutal World War came to an end, with the Grey Team securing victory due to their advanced fighter aircraft. Tank-kind seemed to be returning to a world of peace. However, a secret and mysterious organization called "Rainbow", thought to be allied with high-ranking officials of the military in several other teams, plotted to take control. They conspire to conquer the world from within using new yet unseen weapons. The Grey Team Leader perceived disturbing activities within several of these teams' territories and quietly gathered a selection of the best fighter tanks to organize a special mission against Rainbow. They called themselves the Strike Tanks. Thus, the secret strike against evil began...


Strike Mode is a singleplayer vertically scrolling shoot-em-up... mode? Game? See, Tidal asked that title in the main intro because Strike Mode is like another game, different from normal Ah, half of Tidal's concepts are like that anyway so let's just call it a game mode for now.

Anyways, Strike Mode is a singleplayer vertically scrolling shoot-em-up mode that, like most other commonly seen games of this type, features a small screen with limited moving space and lots of enemies that come from all directions.

There are various stages one must beat in order to advance through the game. Each stage is a limited number of tiles long, and each class has a different speed. Various enemies will appear, attack and melt you/get melted by you in seconds throughout the stages, and at the end of the stage there is always a boss. Mid-bosses may appear, but they are not guaranteed to appear in all levels. The enemy/boss spawns are fixed for each stage unless stated otherwise, and will never change in different runs of the game. You have 4 lives, but you die in one hit.


Controls are the same as normal as standard, except for a few things: Auto Spin is not allowed (C is used to activate Charge Shot instead) and you cannot aim, since you always fire forward. There are no levels and upgrades.


A Power-Up.

There are 4 methods of attack in Strike Mode: Normal Shot, Sub Shot, Charge Shot and Bomb. Normal Shot (left-click/spacebar) is what you are used to seeing to: Bullet spam. Your tank, when you first start a game, shoots low amounts of ammunition, but that can be strengthened via collecting Power-Ups, items that drop off enemies. Some enemies will come specifically to provide you with Power-Ups, though not enough to get you to full strength, which requires 3 Power-Ups. Physically colliding with an enemy will do nothing but decrease your Normal Shot strength by 1 Power-Up. Like normal, E can be used for Auto Fire.

Sub Shot is shot alongside Normal Shot, but at different intervals. It is a support attack that varies wildly between classes. They are only shot at Power-Up level 2 and beyond, getting stronger with each level.

Charge Shot (right-click/C) is a more powerful, more "special" attack that is different for each tank class. They have 3 levels of strength, with the level being determined by your level of Charge. Charge accumulates at a rate of 1 per second, and the full amount of Charge is 60. A level 1 Charge Shot needs 15 charge to activate, level 2 needs 30, and level 3 needs a full 60. The rate of Charge exhaustion is different for each playable class.

Strike Mode Bomb

A Bomb.

Bombs (B) are powerful board wipes that do damage, usually very high, to all enemies on screen and prevent bullets from hitting you, sometimes absorbing them with physical objects, other times destroying them directly. You start off with 2, but more can be accumulated by obtaining them from enemies the same way Power-Ups are obtained. Once you die however, your Normal Shot strength returns to the weakest form, you lose all but 2 of your Bombs, and your Charge level falls back to 0.

Playable classes

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Note: The sequence of Stages 1-5 are randomly shuffled, while the rest are fixed.
Stage Stage Description Stage Length Stage Enemies Stage Mid-Boss Stage Boss
Stage 1: Blue Sea You are sent to the sea bordering the Blue Team's land to destroy Rainbow's battleships, who plan to attack the Purple Team via water. 800 tiles WIP Battleship R.L.D. Hephaestus Infinity Battlecruiser R.H.B. Conqueror
Stage 2: Green Forest Unusually large amounts of trees are being cut down in Green Team territory, which poses a serious threat to both the local ecosystem and the world's climate. You are sent to investigate. 700 tiles WIP Baron of Buzzsaws Rapid Assault Tank Reaper
Stage 3: Yellow Desert A large fleet of Rainbow aircraft are deployed from the hellish Yellow Desert to attack the Blue Team's cities. As maintainers of world peace, you must stop them before they reach their destination. 750 tiles WIP Tactical Fighter Khepri Undying Superbomber Ra
Stage 4: Red Citadels The normally hyper-aggressive Red Team armies have been silenced by an unknown force, and evidence points to Rainbow. You are again sent to stop them. 825 tiles WIP N/A Jupiter Mothership CH-300 Spartan
Stage 5: Purple Tundra Rainbow forces have been spotted trying to harvest resources illegally in the vast Purple North, and the Purple Team Leader has asked for assistance. Being benevolent, law-abiding soldiers, you offer your firepower to drive evil Rainbow forces out of their tundra. 775 tiles WIP N/A Winter Wrecker North Wolf
Stage 6: Castle in the Sky Aerial recon has detected one of Rainbow's bases, a huge flying castle. Destroy it! 900 tiles WIP Anti-Aircraft Defensive System Spinner Atmospheric Defense Pod Black Sun OR Atmospheric Defense Pod White Moon
Stage 7: Great Pentagon Nest Rainbow, being the evil organization it is, has invaded the Great Pentagon Nest in retaliation after you destroyed one of their bases. Go forth and liberate the Pentagons from Rainbow's tyrannic rule. Do watch out though, for they have experimented on some to create demonic killing machines... 850 tiles WIP Polygon Experiment Penta-Gone Heavy Worm Harvester Omega-Devourer
Stage 8: No Tank's Ocean Rainbow's second base has been located: A floating fortress in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by ocean. You know what to do! 950 tiles WIP Biomechanical Defense Organism Kraken Super Stealth Submarine Cloaking Extermination Nautical Annihilator
Stage 9: Secret Factory We just hit the intel equivalent of a jackpot: Rainbow's main factory has been located, and once it is gone, Rainbow may collapse once and for all. Now get out there and destroy that factory! 875 tiles WIP N/A Unholy Amalgamation Project Brutality
Stage 10: Final Rainbow Base Rainbow is on the verge of destruction, only hanging on to what remains of its last technology. Their final base has been confirmed to be underground, located deep within the Major Necromancer Caverns. Stay safe, Strike Tanks. Don't mess this up at the last moment. Now go!!! 1000 tiles WIP Penultimate Intervention Mechanism Hellbat Final Rainbow Defender Spectrum Union



  • Basically just a huge ripoff of reference to the shoot-em-up game Strikers 1945 and all its sequels, which I have became rather obsessed over for a while. Even the storyline is ripped straight from the intro and changed up a bit.
    • The "Diep Year 526" was a randomly selected number.
  • That being said, there are many other smaller references to other things in the tank classes, enemies and bosses.
  • Yes, an evil organization called "Rainbow". Get it? Colour Teams (Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Yellow) lost the war? Rainbow?
    • This was one of two reasons why Grey was selected for the winner of the war (need the pun to work). The other was because they had Boosters and Fighters.
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