This is a page for all the playable classes of Strike Mode.

Penta-38 Lightning

The Penta-38 Lightning is the first fighter available for use, as it is unlocked at the start of the game. It was created after tank engineers fused a Penta Shot with some spare plane parts. Boasting balanced stats, this all-rounder is always reliable, though a bit boring to some.

The Penta-38's Normal Shot is, predictably, a spread of 5 bullets when the Power-Up level is maxed out. At Power-Up levels 0, 1 and 2, they are a spread of 1, 2 and 3 bullets respectively. The damage and reload for each bullet remains the same. The Penta-38's Sub Shot is launching drones that automatically go after enemies. When at Power-Up level 1, 2 and 3 respectively, 2, 4 and 6 drones are launched.

The Charge Shot is relatively simple, immediately launching a number of Drones upon activation. Again, at levels 1, 2, and 3 respectively, it launches 10, 20, and 30 Drones. All Charge is immediately consumed upon use. The Penta-38's Bomb is the Arena Closer Attack Formation. Of course, it involves 4 Arena Closers outfitted with plane parts appearing in a line formation, shooting at enemies and tanking bullets, and then flying away.

  • Normal Shot damage (per bullet): 50
  • Normal Shot fire rate (per barrel): 4 shots per second
  • Sub Shot damage (per drone): 100
  • Sub Shot fire rate: 1 shot per 1.5 seconds
  • Maximum DPS: 1400
  • Charge Shot damage (per drone): 100
  • Arena Closer damage (per bullet): 250
  • Arena Closer fire rate: 5 shots per second
  • Bomb Duration: 5 seconds
  • Speed: 10 tiles per second

SMG-4 Spread

The SMG-4 Spread can be unlocked by passing Stage 7 10 times. Created by pretty much the same method as the Penta-38 Lightning was, but with a Spread Shot instead, the SMG-4 is more defensive then the Penta-38, but still packs a punch in its main cannon.

The SMG-4's Normal Shot is, like its normal counterpart, 11 bullets, 1 big and 10 small. It starts out as only the middle big one, then as Power-Ups are collected, it gains 2 small side bullets, then 4 more, then the last 4. The SMG-4's Sub Shot consists of launching some slow-moving Traps that move across the screen relatively slowly, but do huge damage upon contact. They do start out pretty weak and small though, and only get powerful once maximum Power-Up level is reached. Fortunately, the Normal Shot is able to deal with early enemies quite easily.

The SMG-4's Charge Shot, the Spread Laser, penetrates everything they pass through while simultaneously doing moderate damage. Good for clearing small enemies. A level 2 Spread Laser consists of 3 beams, 1 large, 2 small, while a level 3 one has 4 small beams. The Charge exhaustion rate is at 6 per second. Its Bomb, the Trap Cluster creates a huge field of Traps that soak up bullets and do damage to everything coming into contact with them before wearing out.

  • Normal Shot damage (per bullet): 80 (big), 30 (small)
  • Normal Shot fire rate (per barrel): 3 shots per second
  • Sub Shot damage (per trap): 250
  • Sub Shot fire rate: 1 shot per 2 seconds
  • Maximum DPS: 1390
  • Charge Shot damage (per laser): 50x4 per second (big), 15x4 per second (small)
  • Bomb damage (per trap): 200
  • Bomb Duration: 3 seconds
  • Speed: 8 tiles per second

ZTM5 Lance

The ZTM5 Lance was one of the first tank aircraft built from scratch. While the guns on it are small, comparable to those on a Gunner, they fire much faster than the SMG-4 or the Penta-38. It possesses great amounts of offensive power, though this comes at the cost of being slow and clumsy. In order to unlock the ZTM5, 300 bosses must be beaten.

The ZTM5's Normal Shot consists of 8 bullets grouped in four, all small yet extremely rapid-firing. 2 bullets are added per Power-Up. The Sub Shot, Energy Missiles, are rather complicated in function compared to, say, simple drones. Normally they go forward at a high speed, but once they come into contact with the enemy, they slow down and slowly pass through the enemy, doing high damage in the process. When the enemy is destroyed, or when the missiles completely pass through the enemy, they keep going at their original speed. They last forever.

The Charge Shot involves the ZTM5 launching a small drone that unleashes high-damage explosions in front of it in a helix shape. The damage and the area increases with level. The Charge exhaustion level is pretty fast, at 10 per second. The ZTM5's Bomb, the Samurai Sword, is the most destructive Bomb damage-wise; a large silhouette of the ZTM5 made of the same energy as the Energy Missiles is launched from the ZTM5 itself and briefly stays there for half a second before flying off the screen, doing huge damage to everything in front of it and clearing all bullets it passes through. It does however has a rather limited range compared to other bombs, and only clears bullets for 1 second.

  • Normal Shot damage (per bullet): 15
  • Normal Shot fire rate (per barrel): 10 shots per second
  • Sub Shot damage (per missile): 25 x4 per second
  • Sub Shot fire rate: 1 shot per 2 seconds (Level 1), 1 shot per second (level 2), 2 shots per second (level 3)
  • Maximum DPS: 1600
  • Charge Shot damage: 20 x4 per second (level 1), 35 x4 per second (level 2), 50 x4 per second (level 3)
  • Bomb Damage: 1000 x4 per second
  • Bomb Duration: 1 second
  • Speed: 7 tiles per second

CH-1 Gunship

The CH-1 Gunship is the first attempt at helicopter construction by the CH company. Its main purpose is to be used as a support aircraft. To unlock the CH-1 Gunship, one must use 300 bombs.

The CH-1 Gunship features a constant barrage of minigun bullets being fired at an insane reload speed, the highest of the Strike Tanks. Its Sub Shot, The Gas Bomb, is very unique. The CH-1's gas bomb releases a giant gas cloud that does caustic damage to any aircraft that gets caught inside. After activated, the gas will spray out for 5 seconds and float in the position it was left in for 5 seconds. Be warned, much greater damage will be received if enemies stay inside of the gas cloud for too long.

Bullets aren't the only specialty of this helicopter. Being more of a support aircraft, it has a larger cargo space than the rest of the aircraft in the fleet, allowing for it to carry mines- its Bomb- on board. Upon activation, the CH-1 Gunship will launch 3 mines, which are oversized traps that will absorb bullets and turn invisible 3 seconds after they are released. Even though they are invisible, they will make a beeping sound when enemies get in the vicinity. The mines act like a frag grenade, meaning if an aircraft triggered the mine, an explosion would occur releasing 15 mini traps that would absorb more bullets and cause even more damage. Its Charge Shot, Blades of Fury, is one of the weakest Charge Shots for direct damage to a single enemy in the fleet, but it makes up for that with the highest AOE damage out of all aircraft. When activated, the blades of the CH-1 will spin extremely fast, releasing a volley of 32 bullets in a circle around the helicopter, penetrating anything in its path. All charge is immediately exhausted upon use, and it lasts for 1 second.

  • Normal Shot damage (per bullet): 20
  • Normal Shot fire rate (per barrel): 4 shots per second (Power-Up level 0), 8 (level 1), 12 (level 2), 16 (level 3)
  • Sub Shot damage (per gas bomb): 200 x4 per second (in gas), 15 x4 per second (out of gas)
  • Sub Shot fire rate: 1 shot per 5 seconds
  • Maximum DPS: 1440
  • Charge Shot damage (per bullet): 20 x4 per second (level 1), 35 x4 per second (level 2), 50 x4 per second (level 3)
  • Bomb Damage (per trap): 750 (initial explosion), 50 (per frag)
  • Bomb Duration: 1 second
  • Speed: 9 tiles per second

DDA-7 Grandfather

The DDA-7 Grandfather, contrary to its name, isn't old at all. Featuring versatile firing that can simultaneously be concentrated or spread, the DDA-7 can deal with small and big threats with ease. To unlock the DDA-7, 5000 enemies must be defeated.

The DDA-7's normal shot is a crossfire of bullets, starting at 2 before increasing to 4, to 6, to 8. The bullets' trajectories cross together, and thus the bullets concentrate at a point before spreading out. Thus, by altering the distance between the targets and the DDA-7, the player can decide whether its bullets are concentrated or spread. Its Sub Shot, Minion Raid, involves (a) small Factory Minion(s) shooting at enemies individually from the DDA-7 itself. Factory Minions will follow an enemy and shoot at it until it dies. Then, they change targets.

The DDA-7's Charge Shot, the Minion Possession, is devastating if used properly. It involves converting some random enemies on the screen into minions that fight for you. Of course, the damage varies, depending on the converted unit. Bosses and Mid-Bosses cannot be converted. All charge is instantly consumed upon use. It converts 2 enemies at Charge level 1, 4 at level 2 and 8 at level 3. Its Bomb, the Mothership Carpet Bombing, features a large Mothership plane flying over everything and dropping lots of small bombs that explode into damage and clear bullets. Unlike the Penta-38's bomb, the Mothership bomber does not tank bullets; it simply swoops over the battlefield, bringing heavy damage to all with it.

  • Normal Shot damage (per bullet): 25
  • Normal Shot fire rate (per barrel): 5 shots per second
  • Sub Shot damage (per bullet): 25
  • Sub Shot fire rate: 5 shots per second
  • Maximum DPS: 1375
  • Bomb Damage (per target): 5000
  • Bomb Duration: 3 seconds
  • Speed: 11 tiles per second

??? Secret ???

The OHK-VLK Monument is an oddity. Featuring an unorthodox shape, experimental jet engine technology, and even more experimental weaponry, few dare to fly this aerial abomination. Since the OHK-VLK is a secret class, it can only be accessed by entering a secret code in the class selection screen.

The OHK-VLK features a barrage of 7 bullets as its Normal Shot. The fire rate, while not as fast as that of the ZTM5, is still impressive. Adding to the damage is its Sub Shot: Lock Lasers. These lasers target the enemies' current position, and then fire at them. They last for half a second, but they do penetrate everything, doing moderate damage to targets.

Remember the part about experimental weaponry? Well, here they are in the form of the OHK-VLK's Charge Shot and Bomb, which are the Gravity Well and the Electro Ram, respectively. The Gravity Well is a small missile that, upon exploding, drags in all minor enemies and concentrates them in that spot, doing damage to all of them as they crash into each other. The Charge Shot exhaustion rate is 6 per second. The Electro Ram charges the OHK-VLK's surface with electricity, generating a small force field surrounding the OHK-VLK, enabling it to absorb bullets wherever it goes, and more importantly, ram into enemies and take no damage while doing high damage to enemies upon contact. No Power-Downs, either.

  • Normal Shot damage (per bullet): 30
  • Normal Shot fire rate (per barrel): 7 shots per second
  • Sub Shot damage (per laser): 100 x4 per second
  • Sub Shot fire rate: 1 shot per 2 seconds
  • Maximum DPS: 1570
  • Charge Shot damage: 10 x4 per second (level 1), 20 x4 per second (level 2), 30 x4 per second (level 3)
  • Bomb Damage: 500 x4 per second
  • Bomb Duration: 5 seconds
  • Speed: 13 tiles per second
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